Pope on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine: Read my statements

“Since the first day of the war, I have been talking about this conflict constantly, referring to the suffering of Ukraine,” Pope Francis recalled in a lengthy statement in which he explained some of his statements. He assured me that he does not get angry when he is misunderstood. He explained, inter alia his words about the killed daughter of the Kremlin ideologist, whom he called “poor girl”.

The Pope’s statement was quoted by the Jesuit periodical “La Civilta Cattolica” in the latest issue. The magazine published in Rome published the record of Francis’ conversation with the Jesuits during a private meeting in Kazakhstan in mid-September.

Francis then told the priests of his congregation: “I am not interested in defending the Pope, but in that the people feel treated with tenderness by you who are his brothers. The Pope does not get angry if he is misunderstood.

“When a Ukrainian Catholic bishop came to visit, I handed him a file with my statements on this subject. I described the invasion of Ukraine as unacceptable aggression, disgusting, senseless, barbaric, sacrilegious. Read my statements. They are collected by the (Vatican’s) press office “, said Franciszek.

He reverted to his ill-received statement about the daughter of the Kremlin ideologist Daria Dugin, whom he called “a poor girl” after she died in a car blown up in August. After these words, the Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kiev.

The Pope explained: “After I spoke about Ukraine, I thought to say words about the suffering of two nations, Ukrainian and Russian; because people suffer during the war. As always, poor people are paying the price. And it causes hatred. “

“Whoever is at war forgets humanity and does not look at the real life of the people, but puts the interests of one side and power above all else. Ordinary people in every conflict are real victims who pay for the madness of war. And then I made a reference to this girl dropped off in At that moment everything I had said up to that point was forgotten and only this reference was noticed “- said Francis. He also added: “But I understand people’s reactions because they suffer a lot.”

He also told the Jesuits about his visit to the Russian embassy to the Holy See shortly after the war broke out: “It was an unusual gesture. The Pope does not go to the embassy, ​​but accepts ambassadors in person only when they submit their credentials and then at the end of their mission.”

“I told the ambassador that I would like to speak to President Putin if he would leave me a small dialogue box.” the Pope revealed.

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