Polonia Warsaw is glowing. A very important victory and an excellent situation. Football

In last weeks Polonia Warsaw impresses with its form. After a not very successful August, when the team scored 10 out of 21 possible points, in September the team from the capital began to play much better and in four matches scored 10 points – the only ones they lost against the leader Kotwica Kołobrzeg (1: 1). At the end of the month, the Polish community was to face the overdue match 1st round of the 2nd league with KKS Kalisz. It is true that the team from Wielkopolska scored only a point in the previous three matches, but it was still in the fifth place in the table.

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“We don’t talk about it loud, but Legia is fighting for the championship”

Polonia continues its good streak. This time she defeated KKS Kalisz

The game was started better by the hosts, who took the lead in the 18th minute. Wojciech Fadecki led the action on the right and crossed into the penalty area. However, the ball bounced off the defender of KKS Kasjan Lipkowski and was confused goalkeeper. An own goal has been awarded to the visiting player.

More goals were scored in the second half. In the 50th minute Łukasz Piątek gave the lead with a precise shot just outside the penalty area. Four minutes later another own goal was scored in the match. Defender Eryk Mikołajewski wanted to kick the cross from Kalisz, but in a fairly simple situation he mixed and defeated his own goalkeeper.

In the 81st minute, KKS equalized. Then a mistake was made by another Polish defender, Michał Grudniewski, who fouled one of the inhabitants of Kalisz in the penalty area. After a while, Nestor Gordillo turned the eleven for a goal.

However, the last word in this match belonged to the Varsovians. In the 89th minute, after a confusion in the penalty area, the ball hit his feet Martin Dumplings, and this shot from a dozen or so meters ensured the team victory. For Polonia it is already the 11th game without a defeat in the league (six wins in the last eight games).

Polonia won and was promoted in the table. She became the runner-up

Thanks to the win, Polonia has 23 points on its account and advanced to the second position in the table. Kołobrzeg is six points ahead of the leading Kotwica, but the leader has one less match played. KKS Kalisz, with the achievements of 19 points, remained in the fifth position. The first two teams in the 2nd league will directly advance the league higher, and the teams from places 3-6. they will play for one free spot in the play-offs.

League II table

  1. Kotwica Kołobrzeg 11 matches played, 29 points, 23-9 goals balance
  2. Polonia Warsaw 12, 23, 23-14
  3. Wisła Puławy 12, 20, 23-15
  4. Znicz Pruszków 12, 20, 18-16
  5. KKS Kalisz 12, 19, 23-18
  6. GKS Jastrzębie 12, 19, 14-12
  7. Olimpia Elbląg 12, 18, 18-13
  8. Zagłębie II Lubin 12, 18, 20-25
  9. Stomil Olsztyn 12, 17, 15-13
  10. KS Polkowice 12, 15, 14-16
  11. Tannery Krakow 11, 14, 23-22
  12. Śląsk II Wrocław 12, 13, 15-20
  13. Radunia Stężyca 12, 12, 22-25
  14. Sulfur Tarnobrzeg 12, 12, 19-26
  15. Lech II Poznań 11, 11, 17-19
  16. Pogoń Siedlce 11, 10, 14-19
  17. Motor Lublin 12, 10, 12-22
  18. Hutnik Krakow 12, 10, 20-29

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