POLITYKA 2022 passports have been distributed. We know the winners of the prestigious award

POLITYKA 2022 passports have been distributed.  We know the winners of the prestigious award

POLITYKA 2022 passports have been distributed. We know the winners of the prestigious award

For the 30th time, the “Polityka” weekly cultural awards were presented, one of the most important and prestigious awards in the world of culture in Poland – POLITYKA Passports.

In the first stage of the selection, independent critics from various editorial offices and cultural institutions nominated the most interesting personalities of the past year in seven categories: Film, Literature, Theatre, Visual Arts, Classical Music, Popular Music and Digital Culture. In the next stage, the Jury consisting of journalists from the “Polityka” weekly selects this year’s winners.

In the “Film” category, the POLITYKA Passport will be awarded to Jan Holoubek. He is a director and cinematographer, born in 1978. Co-creator of “Wielka Woda”, the best Polish Netflix series to date and one of our greatest successes in this field. Stories about the flood and the post-transformation reality that takes place in Wrocław in 1997. Two years ago he received his first Passport nomination for his feature debut “25 Years of Innocence. The case of Tomasz Komenda”, which also became a hit (viewed by over 700,000 Poles). Earlier, he gained a reputation as a cinematographer. His trademark is versatility, as evidenced by the documentary “Sun and Shadow”, dedicated to his father’s friend – Gustaw Holoubek – with Tadeusz Konwicki, and the crime series “Rojst” set in the dark reality of martial law. Damian Kocur and Agnieszka Smoczyska were also nominated in this category

In the “Theatre” category, the winner was Jakub Skrzywanek. The winner is the director and artistic director of the Contemporary Theater in Szczecin. Born in 1992 in Wrocław. He has one of the most discussed shows of the last season. The first is “The Death of John Paul II” (Polish Theater in Poznań), a naturalistic reconstruction of the last hours of Pope Wojtya’s life, juxtaposed with the memories and reflections of Poznań residents. The second – based on Janusz Schwertner’s reports, “Spartakus. Mio in times of plague” (Wsczesny Theater in Szczecin) – raises the problem of exclusion of LGBT+ people and the catastrophic state of child psychiatry, and subsequent shows of same-sex couples’ evenings, still unavailable in the non-theatrical Polish reality. Praised for his courage, consistent combination of the attitude of a scandalmonger and provocateur with social commitment. Other nominees were Micha Buszewicz and Agnieszka Jakimiak.

The passport in the “Literature” category will go to Grzegorz Pitek. The author was born in 1980 in Warsaw and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology. He writes, lectures, talks and shows around. He was the curator of many exhibitions, worked as an editor of the “Architektura-Murator” monthly, wrote columns for “Gazeta Stoeczna” and articles on architecture, design and the city. His books “Sanator: The Career of Stefan Starzyski” (2016) and “The Best City of the World. Warsaw in Reconstruction 1944-1949” (2020) were honored with the Literary Award of the Capital City of Warsaw, “The Best City of the World” was included in Nike Award finalist. The latest is “Gdynia promised. City, modernism, modernization 1920-1939″ (Wydawnictwo WAB). This time, the author faces the myth of “the city of the sea and dreams”, finding a fascinating hero in another Polish city. Urszula Honek and Ishbel Szatrawska could win awards in this category.

The winner in the “Visual Arts” category was Agata Sowak. A painter, born in 1994, she defended her diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2019. In an original way, she combines courage in taking up important social topics from a personal perspective, taking into account her desires, dreams, drives, fantasies, fears, hopes. Her works can simultaneously arouse emotions and provoke intellectually. Quickly noticed by curators. The baptism of fire was participation in the famous exhibition “Paint means blood” at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2019). This year, her solo exhibition “Only Our States” at the Foksal Gallery Foundation was highly appreciated, but also her participation in group exhibitions: “Anxiety Comes at Dusk” (Zachta), “Who Will Write the History of Tears” (MSN) and “Seven Stages in a Woman’s Life” ” (Municipal Art Gallery in ódê). In this category, Solidarny Dom Kultury Sonecznik and the artistic group Potencja could win.

The “Serious Music” passport went to Anna Sukowska-Migo. The winner was born in 1995 in Krakow a conductor who was originally an instrumentalist. She studied viola at the Warsaw University of Music, then symphony and opera conducting at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz with his father Piotr Sukowski, and finally at the Krakow Academy in the direction of symphonic conducting (ukasz Borowicz) and chralna. Two-time scholarship holder of the “Conductor-in-residence” program of the National Institute of Music and Dance, also involved in educational activities. In March, she won the La Maestra competition for female conductors in Paris, also received the Taki Alsop Conducting Fellowship, and recently the Corypheus of Polish Music Awards in the Discovery of the Year category and an invitation to the Hart Institute of Women Conductors program at the Dallas Opera House. Szymon Chojnacki and Lilianna Krych were also nominated in this category.

And the passport of “Popular Music” to 1988, that is Przemysław Jankowiak. The artist’s year of birth is in his pseudonym, and in the music he records for various performers as a producer, it is said that he is able to look into the future without forgetting about the past. He comes from Szczecin, has been active on the scene for several years, records under the name Etamski and in the duo Syny (with the rapper Piernikowski nominated for the POLITYKA Passport). The first nomination for the Passport in 2020 brought him his own mini-album “Ring the Alarm” and the question “W/88” recorded in a duet with rapper Wodi. In 2022, he published his own album “Ruleta”, to which he invited a whole galaxy of guests, not only from the hip-hop environment. She also partnered with Monika Brodka while working on her praised mini-album “Sadz”, and at the festival in Gdynia she was the author of the music for the full-length film “Zadra”. Other nominees include: frost and Szczyl.

Anna and Jakub Grniccy (Outriders) were awarded in the “Digital Culture” category. They are the co-founders of an international reporting start-up that has changed the way we talk about the world in recent seasons. Their idea is to combine high quality journalism with innovative use of digital media technologies. A perfect expression of such a strategy is the project “One day in…”, telling the story of life during the war in six cities in Ukraine. Outriders reporters, together with their fellow guides from Ukraine, show what life looks like under the constant threat of bombing. And the VR/360 technology allows viewers immerses himself in the life of these cities and follows the narrator’s stories in a natural way. The most important here are stories about the modern world, and new technologies are a means that helps reach the recipients with the content. Marcin Kryszpin and Grzegorz Szczygie were also nominated in this category ( Flying Wild Hog) and Mateusz Skutnik.

The special award, the “Creator of Culture”, which has been awarded by “Polityka” since 2002, goes to Dorota Masowska, Ryszard Poznakowski and Wilhelm Sasnal.

POLITYKA Passports have been awarded since 1993 in seven categories: lm, theatre, literature, music popular music, classical music, visual arts and digital culture. The candidates for the award are nominated by reviewers and journalists from the Polish media, and the winner from among the three finalists is selected by the team of “Polityka”.

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