Politicians comment on Tusk’s speech in Potsdam. “This is an ethical cry for help for this country”

  • Marcin Kierwiński (KO) stated that Tusk’s words are “a huge moral reproach against Germany in the matter of Ukraine”
  • “D. Tusk, while performing in Potsdam, Germany, tells fairy tales that his PO strongly warned against Nord Stream 2 from the very beginning,” wrote PiS MP Adam Andruszkiewicz
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This year, the Ukrainian nation received the M100 Media Award. Volodymyr Klitschko, a Ukrainian politician and boxer, picked it up on behalf of the Ukrainians. The laudations were delivered by the US ambassador to Germany, Amy Gutmann, and by Donald Tusk. During the ceremony, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also spoke.

– Ukraine has a chance to win this war, but it requires much greater support from Europe, especially from the largest and richest countries, such as Germany. It is not only about warm words and awards, but about weapons, ammunition, planes and tanks – Tusk noted in his speech at the awards gala in Potsdam near Berlin.

Marcin Kierwiński, a deputy of the KO, said that Tusk’s words were “a huge moral reproach against Germany in the matter of Ukraine”. “Presented seriously, without hatred. It is an ethical cry for help for this country. Foreign policy can be conducted without hatred, but firmly. This one is effective” – ​​he wrote on Twitter.

In turn, another MP from KO, Dariusz Joński, stated that Tusk’s words were “strong and firm”.

Adam Szłapka from Nowoczesna commented on Tusk’s speech with a short statement: “Duma”.

The speech of the PO chairman did not go unnoticed by the ruling team. They criticized Tusk’s move by posting recordings online to confirm his alleged actions in favor of Russia.

The rest of the article can be found under the video:

“D. Tusk, appearing in Potsdam, Germany, tells fairy tales that his PO from the very beginning strongly warned against Nord Stream 2 – and that he personally fought against Europe’s energy dependence on Russia. these dangers! ” – wrote PiS MP Adam Andruszkiewicz.

Its entry together with the attached recording was also made available by the government spokesman Piotr Muller, who briefly commented: “a product of Donald Tusk’s imagination vs. the reality of Donald Tusk’s rule”.

Journalists also commented on Tusk’s speech. “You can go to Potsdam and tell Scholz that he is to send weapons to Ukraine, and you can convene a conference on Nowogrodzka Street” – wrote Dominika Długosz, a journalist from “Newsweek”.

The speech of the PO chairman was also praised by “Gazeta Wyborcza” journalist Bartosz Wieliński. “You can send a credible and accurate message to the Western world without spitting, venom or hatred,” he wrote.

During his speech on Thursday, the PO leader spared no words of criticism for the richest countries in Europe. – There is no reason why countries such as Germany, France or Italy should be less involved in helping Ukraine than the USA, Poland or the Baltic states. (…) Only political blind people can ignore the fact that Russia has long been at war with NATO and the European Union, he said.

– There is no choice for us other than unequivocal commitment on the side of Ukraine. It has been a long time since there was such a black and white conflict. It is known who is the executioner and who is the victim. Attempts to relativize this issue seem disgusting. European politicians, also here in Berlin, who are looking for some symmetry, historical and economic justifications for inaction, should be aware that the help from all Western countries, and I am talking especially about the supply of weapons, would be faster and greater, Ukraine would not be killed as much children, so many women would not be raped and murdered – emphasized Tusk.

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