Polish small and medium-sized enterprises in crisis. The number of customers and sales are falling

The disruption of global supply chains as a result of the war in Ukraine is currently a problem for nearly 47 percent. entrepreneurs. In this group, 34 percent. respondents indicate a reduction in sales, 32 percent each. the need to look for replacements and new suppliers, and 31 percent informs about a decrease in profit, while the loss of contractors / clients is signaled by 24 percent

– In the long term, we can expect even greater increases in production costs, which will directly translate into the prices of goods and services – assessed the president of BIG InfoMonitor, SÅ‚awomir Grzelczak, commenting on the results of the survey for PAP.

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According to the survey, almost every third company makes reserves and buys in advance. The main reason is the desire to secure for the future and to secure materials for production. Entrepreneurs are also afraid of further increases in the prices of raw materials.

A drastic deterioration

Many entrepreneurs, still in the second quarter of 2022, forecasted a return to the turnover from before the pandemic. However, they did not foresee that the situation would deteriorate so drastically.

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