Polish network in place of the Russian discount store. Vollmart took over two stores after Mere

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine made it impossible hard discount Mere development on the Polish market. Stores where products were sold straight from the pallets and the decor was kept to a minimum, began to disappear from the Vistula during the summer holidays.

However, the market does not like a vacuum, and Polish stores have started to appear in place of the Russian Mere Vollmart (not to be confused with the American Walmart). According to the portal dlahandlu.pl, one of them is located in Hrubieszów, at ul. Kolejowa 49 and the second one in Ostrowiec Świętorzyski at ul. Sandomierska 87. “The network has thus grown to five locations” – we read.

The network praises that the hard discount format makes it possible to offer prices by up to 20 percent. lower than in other stores. “Vollmart provides these prices thanks optimization of commercial processes and resignation from expensive, often unnecessary equipment, advertisements and promotional newsletters. Goods at a hard discount are placed directly on pallets, and customers can take them straight from cartons and collective packaging. Thanks to this, we can further reduce the prices of available goods “- we read.

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