Polish athlete brutally beaten! He made a moving statement

Polish athlete brutally beaten!  He made a moving statement

Polish athlete brutally beaten! He made a moving statement

He was the first to write about it website In an incident involving Jakub Krzewina and Sebastian Urbaniak was to take a passive part as well Eve Swoboda. This information could not be confirmed. We cover the background of the event extensively HERE.

Urbaniak accuses Krzewina of brutal beatingthe effect of which was to fracture of the ankle bone. A few days after the alleged fight, the aggrieved party decided to take the floor again. This time in the form of a statement posted on Instagram.

Sebastian Urbaniak: I’m not sure if I will return to sports

“Due to the emerging media reports containing false information related to my person and the circumstances of the event of December 31, 2022, as well as the content of the last article that appeared without my authorization in the local newspaper, and to which I also have reservations I indicate that due to the injuries I have suffered, further consultations and medical activities are currently underway, diagnostics are being carried out and rehabilitation will be necessary” – we read.

Further parts of Urbaniak’s statement takes on a somewhat dramatic tone. The hurdler isn’t sure Will he be able to regain his health? enough to return to competitive sport.

“At the moment, I am unable to provide information on whether my health condition will allow me to return to sports in the future. Regarding the event itself, I would like to inform you that I am currently focusing all my attention on my health and convalescence, and therefore – I will not comment on other aspects of the case.” reports the 21-year-old athlete.

What about that? presented as the aggressor of Krzewin? His version of events does not coincide with Urbaniak’s narrative.

“Acting as a representative of Mr. Jakub Krzewina, I inform you that my Mandate categorically declares that he is innocent in the case of the alleged violation of bodily functions or health disorder of Mr. Sebastian Urbaniak. Moreover, in the opinion of my Mandate, these are the personal rights of Jakub Krzewina and his family persons, including the right to privacy and home peace, were violated by the behavior of Mr. Sebastian Urbaniak, which went beyond the framework of the legal order and decency” – this is the content of Krzewina’s attorney’s statement.

So the case has developmental character. We will inform you about its further stages in subsequent publications.

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