Polish accent on the funeral of the queen. These hats were made by a Pole

According to Wirtualna Polska, the Polish woman collaborates with Jane Taylor, who makes hats for Countess Wessex Sophie – the wife of Prince Edward, the son of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as other members of the British royal family and important personalities outside her. In an interview with the Ciesiełkiewicz portal, she explained what was the uniqueness of this order.

The headdress for the queen’s funeral must be black, rather modest, but at the same time it should stand out with something. In addition, each hat must be different, the styles cannot duplicate each other

– she said, revealing that “the first designs from Jane Taylor’s studio left the studio just days after the death of the queen”, which was quite a challenge considering that it takes at least a day to create a single hat.

The effect of Monika Ciesiełkiewicz’s work has been admired by the whole world for several days, because one of the hats she made was worn by Princess Kate during the ceremony of taking the coffin with the body of Elizabeth II to the Palace of Westminster. But this is not the end. As the Polish woman revealed in an interview with the portal, Sophie Wessex also put on a toque from the studio where she works. She presented herself in it during Monday’s celebrations.

Sophie Wessex – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Sophie Wessex put on a hat made by me, designed by Jane Taylor, with the addition of flowers to match the embroidery on the coat

– she explained.

Princess Charlotte’s simple hat that adorned her head during the queen’s funeral was also made by the same fashionists.

As Wirtualna Polska explains, our countryman worked for several years for the most famous hatter in the world – Phillip Tracy. “There she made headgear for almost all members of the royal family – including Camilla Parker-Bowles, today the queen consort” – reads the article.

Royal family Royal family – Onet

source: virtual Poland

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