Poles’ indebtedness. A resident of Wejherowo owes the courts over PLN 75 million

At the end of August 2022, it was listed in the database of the National Debt Register (KRD) 162.9 thous. people who delay in settling their arrears in relation to the Polish judiciary. Their total amount is over PLN 755 million.

The President of the KRD, Adam Łącki, pointed out that from 2015 common courts are required to enter into the database of economic information bureaus persons who are in arrears with the payment of fines, interest payments, court costs and other awarded payments.

– Representatives of the judiciary on a massive scale have been doing it only since 2017. Then, at the level of the ministry, a special platform was created to simplify and accelerate this procedure – Łącki pointed out.

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He added that since then the number of debtors reported by the courts has been systematically growing. The amount in arrears also increases. From the beginning of 2019 – according to the KRD data – this sum doubled – from 387.4 million to over 755 million PLN.

The average arrears of one debtor is 4.6 thousand. zloty. The inhabitants of Mazovia (PLN 173.6 million), Pomerania (PLN 148.2 million) and Silesia (PLN 63.7 million) have the highest debts to courts.

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