Poles in the poll how they see the war between Russia and Ukraine. “Most thoughts are meme slogans”

  • Due to the war in Ukraine, Poles commonly share concerns about their future
  • They unequivocally admit that the refugees have been well received in their local community and are convinced that Russia is poorly prepared for war
  • At the same time, they remain divided in their opinions on the level of exposure to the topic of war in the media
  • More such information can be found on the main page of Onet.pl

The research report indicated that the war caused Poles to commonly share concerns about their future. A sense of unease declared as much as 70 percent subjects: 42 percent They definitely agreed, and 28 percent. agreed with the statement “The war in Ukraine made me worry about my future”. Women much more often (50%) than men (34.6%) indicated that they were worried about their future due to the outbreak of war. Law and Justice voters most often indicated that they “strongly agree” with the statement that they are worried about their future in connection with the war in Ukraine and they were the only ones who answered in this way in an absolute majority.

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