Piotr Szkudelski is dead. Perfect’s drummer was 66 years old

Szkudelski was born on December 29, 1955 in Warsaw. The artist’s family provided the Polish Press Agency with the information about his death. In team Perfect he played for 40 years (1980-2020).

He also played in the bands Dzikie Dzieci (with Zbigniew Hołdys), in the group of Martyna Jakubowicz and in the bands Jajco i Giganci, Emigranci. He also took part in the recording session of “I Ching” (1982-83): a two-disc album realized, among others, by by musicians from Perfect, TSA, Osjan, Porter Band, Krzak, Breakout and Maanam.

“There were so many more notes to play … Fatal news …” – commented journalist Piotr Stelmach on social media.

Perfect is one of the largest groups in the history of Polish rock, which in the first period of its activity enjoyed incredible popularity, and thousands of fans at concerts were drinking words from the lips of Grzegorz Markowski and Zbigniew Hołdys.

The Perfect band was formed in 1978 in Warsaw by drummer Wojciech Morawski (formerly Breakout, later, among others, the Morawski, Waglewski, Nowicki, Hołdys, Porter Band project), bassist Zdzisław Zawadzki (also interned at Breakout), keyboardist Paweł Tabaka and vocalists – Ewa Korczynska -Konarzewska and later the great world star Barbara Trzetrzelewska. Soon after, a vocalist and guitarist joined the line-up Zbigniew Hołdyswhich played a significant role in the first stage of Perfect’s existence.

Sources: PAP

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