Piotr Polk: an actor by chance

Piotr Polk: an actor by chance

Piotr Polk was a guest in the last Sunday issue of “Dzień dobry TVN”, where he talked about his health problems. He appeared in the studio with the surgeon and transplantologist Jacek Bicki, and the topic of discussion was transplantation after renal failure. The actor was due to hear a diagnosis of kidney problems two years ago. He heard that he needed either dialysis or a kidney transplant.

It was a two-year struggle to get back on my feet, to have strength. I was working all the time, doing the same. Nobody was able to recognize the disease in me. But this fight was every morning between me and me to stand up.

Piotr Polk in 2003Piotr Polk in 2003 – Prończyk / AKPA

Polk was born on January 22, 1962 in Kalety. As a child, he did not even speak Polish, because in his family home he heard mainly German or Silesian dialect. Years later in an interview with “Vivy!” he said:

My family had nothing to do with art. Dad was a technologist. My mother, like a real Silesian woman, was taking care of my sister and me. I didn’t even speak Polish. At home they spoke either German or dialect. To get to the acting school, I had to learn Polish

Studying in an electrical technical school, he also learned the secrets of music and playing instruments at a music school. He graduated from it, thanks to which he can play many instruments, including the accordion, piano and percussion. Apart from music, however, he was also fascinated by acting. In 1986 he graduated from the Lodz Film School. In 1990, the actor went to France, where he lived for the next three years. There, he received an offer to play in the Parisian theater – but he returned to the country.

On the Vistula River, Polk worked at the Powszechny Theater in Łódź, at the Studio Theater in Warsaw and at the Syrena Theater.

He starred in numerous films and series, incl. “The Art of Loving”, “Pułkownik Kwiatkowski”, “Honey Years”, “For Good and Bad”, “Father Matthew”. He also dubbed Remus Lupine on the Harry Potter film series. In one of the interviews he joked:

Who I shoot in one series, I will cure him in the other

Redbad Klynstra-Komarnicki and Piotr Polk on the set "Father Matthew"Redbad Klynstra-Komarnicki and Piotr Polk on the set of “Father Mateusz” – Piętka Mieszko / AKPA

Piotr Polk also recorded two studio albums: “Polk in Love” and the album “My movie”for which it received the status of a gold record in Poland.

“What am I made of modeling clay? I don’t have my face? Gray hair does not bother me, I do not intend to dye them, I do not intend to pull up fallen fragments, fill my cheeks or lips” – said Polk on the occasion of the premiere of the second album.

Piotr Polk in 2016Piotr Polk in 2016 – Gałązka / AKPA

In the years 1986-1993, the artist was the husband of Hanna Wryczy, and in the years 2000-2011 – Magdalena Wołłąko. However, both marriages ended in divorce.

We were with Hanka in the 90s quite a popular couple. The news of our breakup became a sensation, I think we were the first to find the covers of colorful magazines. (…) I turned out to be the bad guy because I had abandoned me and, in addition, for another woman. Nobody knew what our marriage was like, Hanka said it was wonderful. I preferred not to tell anything

– the actor recalled in an interview for “Twój Styl”.

In 2015, Polk married Joanna Gajewska, who was his manager. Piotr Polk and Joanna Gajewska jointly raised her two daughters from a previous relationship. The actor himself did not have children.

In 2019, he was a guest jury member in one episode of the 11th edition of the “Your face sounds familiar” program.


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