Piotr Najsztub explains himself about the accident. “I did not contribute to her death”

Piotr Najsztub was another guest of the second season of the most popular podcast in Poland “WojewódzkiKędzierski”. During the broadcast former journalist of TOK FM referred to the accident that caused in 2017 Guest of Kuba Wojewódzki and Piotr Kędzierski in Konstancin-Jeziorna he hit the 77-year-old on the seat belts. The woman was hospitalized but not seriously injured. Nevertheless, she died. It turned out that Najsztub’s car did not have up-to-date technical tests. Moreover, Najsztub exceeded the penalty point limit and his driving license was invalid.

– confessed Piotr Najsztub in the podcast “WojewódzkiKędzierski”.

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“WojewódzkiKędzierski”: Piotr Najsztub explains the hitting of a woman

– Who helped you out of trouble? 70-year-old woman. You do not have a liability insurance, an important inspection and you do not have a driving license – he asked Cuba Wojewódzki.

Rectification. I have powers. As you know, there are two steps to revoking a permission. One is that the policeman takes your documents for points. In the second stage, for this to happen, the staroste must provide you with a notification – Piotr Najsztub began to explain.

Kuba Wojewódzki did not give up. – I understand you’re playing administrative matters. There was no effective notification that you do not have permission? – He asked.

– There wasn’t, and the starost knew it. I was successfully revoked four days after the accident – said the guest of the onet podcast.

– said Wojewódzki.

Najtub replied firmly.

Photo: Maciej Krüger / Onet

Piotr Najsztub in the podcast “WojewódzkiKędzierski”

After this exchange of views, Piotr Najsztub developed his answer a bit more.

– A very simple matter. The prosecutor’s office had three experts. I didn’t have any. Based on the testimony of those experts who ruled that I was driving between 20 and 25 km / h in very difficult road conditions – on the unlit passage, it was raining and wind. The lady I lost was dressed in black, had a black umbrella, and I didn’t see her until she was at the crossing with the traffic lights on the other side of the car. She was invisible He said.

Cuba Wojewódzki he asked a colleague if he felt guilty.

– Yes. This lady is dead because when I hit her she was taken for examination and she was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer. She died of colon cancer.

Najsztub replied.

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