Piaseczny’s behavior in Cham. It was recorded how he treated Doda – Super Express

Piaseczny’s behavior in Cham. It was recorded how he treated Doda – Super Express

She will add was invited to the finals of “Dancing with the Stars” as the only music star. She started the program with the performance of the hit “Melodia ta”, and before announcing the winner of the show, she sang her latest single “Waterfall”. Krzysztof Ibisz and Izabela Janachowska were happy to announce Doda, and the audience in the studio welcomed her very warmly. Rabczewska gave her all, although a few days earlier she had caught a bad cold and almost lost her voice. People’s applause made her all the more happy and energized. During the second performance, the program jurors were also applauded – Michał Malitowski before the show, and Iwona Pavlović right after. In the recording of the performance, when the camera rolled up, you can see that Andrzej Piaseczny was not eager to even polite applause. The singer, who tries to be an elegant man with class, disregarded the performance of another artist, who had just done a well-known hard work on stage. Meanwhile, Piasek looked ahead and ostentatiously kept his hands on the jury table. Video with the performance you can see under the text.

Andrzej Piaseczny for some time he has not hidden his dislike for Doda. In recent weeks, he has used the media hype around the singer several times to drive her pin. For example, he criticized her program “Doda. 12 steps to love”. He also allowed himself to judge Doda’s character. Of course, as a gentleman.

– I try to be a gentleman, which does not mean that I am not allowed to comment on things that I do not like. I just want to do it in a nice way, express my opinions so that they do not offend anyone. I have the impression that Doda is hard to offend, but that is a completely different matter. I don’t really like and I try to be far from people who are of Doda’s character type – Sand summed up superiorly.

What does Doda say? Although it is not like her, the singer refuses to comment on the harassment – exactly as during the last interview with Kuba Wojewódzki, who attacked her, which Piaseczny called “a marketing ploy”.

LOOK: Kuba Wojewódzki attacked Doda. She left the studio after 20 minutes of conversation. We know what happened there!

Doda and Andrzej Piaseczny – why this conflict?

It seems that the only person living in the conflict is Andrzej Piaseczny. Why the singer’s reluctance to Doda? In 2019, Piasek was furious when Doda wanted to play a concert at Torwar in Warsaw on the day he did. Together with the manager, they threatened to cancel their concert if Rabczewska appeared on the same stage on the same day.

It is also no secret that Andrzej Piaseczny is friends with Doda’s former partner, Nergal. The same one that the singer saved his life when he contracted leukemia, and who today tastes badly “fucking the fucking pop singer”.

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