Phantom Hellcat presented! The Poles showed a perspective-changing adventure hack-n-slash

The currently ongoing Opening Night Live also featured Polish games and we can now welcome the new production of the Ironbird Creations studio. Phantom Hellcat is being developed by an internal All in! Team. Games.

Phantom Hellcat is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure game that will surprise players with perspective as developers will seamlessly transition between 2D and 3D to provide a varied experience for those interested.

Jolene is a rebel who made a fatal mistake and unleashed dangerous dimensions sealed in a theater full of bloated props. The protagonist has a big problem, however, because evil has captured the woman’s mother and this is how an adventure full of action and combat begins.

“Make your way inside the Transylvanian castle library, probably still teeming with vampires, and star in a variety of theater plays inspired by pop culture texts. Make sure Jolene gets one of the main roles for sure – no matter who she has to cut a head for. Use props and scenography elements of fictional worlds and make them a unique weapon that you can use against enigmatic opponents, as well as a way to develop your characters. “

Creators play with perspective changing the view from 2D to 3D, while at the same time the team is to provide “precise control” that will not destroy the experience underpinned by hand-painted sets. During the game we will run, jump and hack enemies all the time learning new tricks and performing another series of combos.

Norman Lenda, Creative Director of Ironbird Creations, announced the game with the following words:

“Ironbird Creations was created because we wanted to create new, action-packed, high-quality titles. Our team has a strong fondness for games from the beginning of the last decade, so we wanted to return to those times. Currently, action games are combined with other sub-genres such as souls-like and rogue-like, shedding their original identity. Phantom Hellcat will be a return to the roots of the hack-n-slash genre and we hope that it will inspire other creators to change direction as well. “

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