PGG is raising coal prices again. A jump of 20 percent. in two days

For many Poles, the online store of Polska Grupa Górnicza is the only way to buy coal at a decent price. The sale takes place there on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the chances of entering the site are almost miraculous. We described it in Business Insider Polska.

However, once the technical inconvenience is overcome, the torment will pay off. The price in PGG is much lower than that in coal warehouses. There you have to pay PLN 3,000 per ton of raw material. zloty. In the store of the state-owned company until recently, the price barely exceeded PLN 1,000. PLN per ton.

Well, not so long ago, because last Tuesday the price was less than 1,000. PLN 200. But – as Rzeczpospolita writes – it is no longer relevant. Since Thursday, PGG raised prices to over 1.4 thousand. zloty. Depending on the mine, they vary by several dozen zlotys.

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