PGE terminates gas supply contracts. Another company after Tauron

PGE terminates gas supply contracts. Another company after Tauron

PGE Obrót has decided to stop offering gas, informs the company in response to TVN24 Biznes’s questions. We received information about the terminated contracts at Kontakt 24. Earlier, another large state-controlled energy company, Tauron, decided to take a similar step.

In the information sent to Contact 24 Internet user informed that PGE was in contact with customers and informed that the company was terminating natural gas contracts for domestic consumers. As he reported, when he received a call from PGE, he was informed that he would soon receive documents related to the termination of the natural gas contract.

– I was informed that the company wants to focus on its current activities and from January 1, 2023, it will not provide services related to the trading of natural gas to domestic consumers – he indicated. He added that “a suitable back-up seller PGNiG he is to be assigned soon. ”We asked the Polish Energy Group about this situation.

PGE responds

In response to TVN24 Biznes’s questions, the company explained that it had decided to focus its efforts on ensuring stable and safe electricity supplies to customers. “For this reason, PGE Obrót has decided to stop offering gas, while ensuring that customers will continue to provide services by PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny. This applies to approximately 3,000 contracts,” it was informed.

Aggression was indicated as the reasons Russia to Ukraine and the energy crisis, which had a strong impact on the industry throughout Europe.

It was assured that “gas supplies will under no circumstances be interrupted and the change of supplier will not increase bills”. It was added that PGE Obrót has consulted the entire process with PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny and closely cooperates with a leading gas seller in Poland.

PGE emphasized that “it has also initiated electronic communication with customers (telephone, e-mail) in order to provide all relevant information before traditional correspondence reaches them”.

Formerly Tauron

PGE is not the first company to recently terminate gas supply contracts. Earlier, as reported, state-controlled Tauron decided to take a similar step.

In the letters sent to the mailboxes of thousands of customers, the cause was also mentioned as “unstable situation on the international gas market”, adding that customers are guaranteed prices from the new supplier that are subject to tariffs approved by the Energy Regulatory Office. However, customers were concerned about the need to change supplier during the heating season. “How to heat the house for the winter?” – they asked in messages sent to Kontakt 24.

The deputy prime minister and minister of state assets responded to Tauron’s actions on Twitter Jacek Sasin. He wrote that he expected CEO Tauron to immediately withdraw from “the unacceptable decision to terminate gas contracts.”

In an interview with journalists, he later explained that he objected to the manner in which the matter was handled. – It should be done in a non-invasive manner for customers, on the basis of an agreement between Tauron and PGNiG, which is the only company covered by the compensation system and therefore fits in with our policy of establishing gas off-take tariffs for individual and sensitive customers. And it is PGNiG that should supply this gas at tariff prices – emphasized Sasin.

He stated that he understood the motives of the president of Tauron. – It is difficult to expect him to sell gas many times cheaper than he buys without compensation from the State Treasury, but it should not be done this way – he said.

“Worse Business”

Wojciech Jakóbik from in an interview with TVN24 Biznes said that “investing in gas trading is an increasingly worse business and therefore players will withdraw from the market”.

– It is not known what will happen tomorrow in Ukrainewhat else will he do Gazpromhow the unpredictable gas prices will change, he said.

At the same time, in his opinion, “the energy crisis is another argument in favor of defending and not destroying the market”. – Due to the fact that in the conditions of peace and stability, it is the market solutions that guarantee the best price, the best choice for us, that is the customers, he said.

As he said, today we are in “an abnormal situation in which crisis solutions are needed”. – However, it is worth remembering about their temporary nature, so as not to blow the market away for good and not throw the baby out with the bathwater – he added.

“When the invisible hand of the market fails, the visible hand of the state comes in and guarantees that allow trading companies to stay in the game,” he concluded.

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