Petrol prices Perth: FuelWatch encourages drivers to fill up on Tuesday to avoid up to 46 cents per liter hike

Perth drivers are being encouraged to fill up their tanks on Tuesday night, with petrol prices set to rise by more than 40 cents per liter at some metropolitan petrol stations on Wednesday.

FuelWatch has alerted motorists that Coles Express sites across the metro area are hiking their unleaded oil prices by up to 46c/liter, with prices set to hit as high as 199.9 c/liter on August 3.

By getting ahead of the game, you could save yourself some serious pain at the bowser and up to $27.60-a-tank.

BP petrol station prices will also increase to up to 195.9 c/liter and some 7-Eleven sites will hit 189.9 c/liter.


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