Perpetual Krakow with the first defeat in the third league. Already the second loss of points

The move for another promotion in a row to the higher tier of the tournament is becoming more and more difficult in the Perpetual Camp Krakow, which has already allowed itself to lose the second point in the third league. This time, Franciszek Smuda’s players had to recognize the superiority of the Orlęta Radzyń Podlaski team.

The newcomers started the Sunday afternoon quite promising, because already in the 5th minute they managed to take the lead thanks to Michał Mak’s penalty kick. The joy of the lead, however, did not last too long, as Arkadiusz Maj equalized the competition several dozen seconds later.

The uncertainty of the game in defense of the visitors was used within the next quarter of an hour and the same player gave the hosts a second goal. We had to wait for any reaction from Wieczysta until the end of the first edition, but Jakub Bąk and Sławomir Peszko did not take advantage of their opportunities.

In the end, Maj became the hero of the spectacular victory over the Krakow players, who completed a hat-trick for the Orlants in the 57th minute of the competition. For the rest of the time, the visitors showed their helplessness by beating their heads against the opponent’s well-sealed wall by their own penalty area.

Due to the loss in Radzyń Podlaski, Wieczysta occupies the fifth place in the league table with the achievement of seven points. So far, the team has also lost two points in another away match, against Podlasie Biała Podlaska.

In turn, Wieczysta is doing very well in its area. With two attempts the team managed to record two victories over KSZO Ostrowiec and Sokoł Sieniawa, respectively.

The leader of the games of the third league of the fourth group is the team of Cracovia reserves with the achievements of ten points.

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