Peace negotiations. Russia cuts speculation

Peace negotiations. Russia cuts speculation

At the same time, Rudenko tried to emphasize that “Russia has always declared its readiness to negotiate with Ukraine”. “They were interrupted through no fault of Moscow,” Russia’s deputy foreign minister, quoted by TASS, tried to convince.

In fact The Kremlin has been manipulating the message since the beginning of its invasion of Ukraine, trying to put all the blame on Kyiv. Putin repeatedly he deceived public opinion by declaring that he was ready to negotiate with Kiev to end the war, but at the same time threatened to use nuclear weapons.

Recall that Putin personally disseminated a freely made up warning that the Ukrainians want to use “dirty bomb”, that is, a bomb packed with radioactive materials. It is clear to everyone that if someone detonates a “dirty bomb” in Ukraine, it will be him.

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The words of Russia’s deputy foreign minister are related to recent media speculations about US involvement in possible peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

On Sunday, the Reuters agency, citing information from The Washington Post, announced that the administration of President Joe Biden unofficially encourages the Ukrainian authorities to signal openness to negotiations with Russia and resignation from the publicly demonstrated postulate that involvement in peace talks will be possible after President Vladimir Putin is removed from power.

“Russia and the United States are not negotiating about Ukraine,” Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Rudenko said on Tuesday, cutting off the aforementioned speculations. “Russia has no preconditions for talks with Ukraine,” added the deputy head of Russian diplomacy.

World War Effects

American officials share the assessment of their Ukrainian partners that Putin does not take the negotiations seriously yet, but admitted that the decree signed by President Volodymyr Zelensky at the beginning of October on the impossibility of negotiating with Putin caused anxiety in parts of Europe, Africa and Latin America, where the consequences of the war in food and energy cost increases are felt most acutely, writes The Washington Post.

“Fatigue with Ukraine is a real situation for some of our partners” – quoted the post of one US official.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan He said on Friday during a visit to Kiev that Washington’s support for Ukraine would remain after next Tuesday’s congressional elections “steadfast and relentless”.

The US National Security Council and the State Department did not immediately respond to Reuters’ requests for comment on the report.

sources: TASS, Twitter, Reuter, The Washington Post

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