Paulo Sousa in the Polish national team again? Cezary Kulesza reacted to the shocking proposal

Cezary Kulesza gave an interview to “Przegląd Sportowy”. The President of the Polish Football Association spoke about the situation of the national team before the World Cup and the future of the coach.

Czesław Michniewicz’s work has recently met with great criticism from, for example, Jerzy Dudek. The former goalkeeper stated that Cezary Kulesza should apologize to Paulo Sousa.

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Probably no one thinks that after Paulo Sousa’s escape in December, he would get any offer from the Polish federation – said Cezary Kulesza in “Przegląd Sportowy”.

The Polish national team successfully ended this year’s edition of the League of Nations. In the last round, the Polish team defeated Wales, ensuring their maintenance in the top division of this competition and a place in the first basket before the qualifying round of the European championship.

Despite the victory in Cardiff in the game of white and reds, some shortcomings were visible. First of all, Poland has a problem with creating a sufficient number of convenient situations for itself.

Speaking of the game, we can see that sometimes we have problems with the construction of a positional attack or there are simple mistakes in the defense. It would be good if we could solve them, although we do not have much time – emphasized Kulesza.

On November 22, Poland will start the struggle at the world championship. Before the tournament, the president of the Polish Football Association is most concerned about the health of our representatives.

For sure, I am most concerned about the health of the players. I hope that after the loss of Jakub Moder there will be no more injuries in the team – admitted Kulesza.

Czesław Michniewicz proved more than once that he can prepare a team, even weakened by injuries, for important matches. He proved it while working for Legia, in the youth team, as well as as the coach of the first representation, when he won the play-off with Sweden. I hope it will be similar in Qatar – added the president of the Polish Football Association.

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