Paulina Smaszcz’s confession about Maciej Kurzajewski. “He had nothing then”

Paulina Smaszcz’s confession about Maciej Kurzajewski. “He had nothing then”

Paulina Smaszcz and Maciej Kurzajewski for 23 years they were one of the most famous journalistic couples. In 2019, they decided to divorce, however the conflict between the former spouses became public when Kurzajewski revealed that he is in a new relationship with Katarzyna Cichopek.

In an interview with “Super Express”, the journalist raised the issue of property division: – Maciek had nothing when he married me. And I have been working very hard since I was 16 and I have someone to leave it to, and how long I will live is unknown. I know that money and image are the most important things for him, but I will not give up so quickly.

Paulina Smaszcz in an interview with a tabloid, she raised the issue of divorce arrangements regarding the division of property. He accuses Maciej Kurzajewskithat he doesn’t respect them.

We had the terms of the divorce agreement. I agreed to a no-fault divorce, but conditions were agreed that he does not keep – she said Paulina Smaszcz.

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The journalist also referred to the fact that the ex-husband Maciej Kurzajewski reported her to the police due to the journalist’s visit to his mother, which the presenter considered a violation of domestic privacy.

“What he’s been doing in the last few weeks is unacceptable. I’m sorry he tricked his mom into this. She’s not to blame: a nice old man. I feel sorry for him when he has to face himself. I feel very sorry for him, because he will have to tell where all these lies and failure to keep promises made in the divorce and division of property came from. We have signed acts for everything – said Smaszcz.

The journalist pointed out that she would defend her arguments: – Even at the cost of the fact that everyone can spit on me, defile me, call me the worst. We’ll see.

Paulina Smaszcz and Maciej Kurzajewski they got married in 1996. The journalist couple had two sons: Franciszek, who is now 25, and 16-year-old Julian.

Paulina Smaszcz gained fame as a journalist and presenter, but for years she has been professionally realized as an expert in PR and marketing. Maciej Kurzajewski is sports journalist and host of the TVP program “Question for breakfast”.

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