Paulina Smaszcz sharply about Kurzajewski: “I don’t care about my ex-husband!”

Paulina Smaszcz sharply about Kurzajewski: “I don’t care about my ex-husband!”

Paulina Smaszcz sharply about Kurzajewski: “I don’t care about my ex-husband!”

Paulina Smaszcz She spent the last few weeks in a media scuffle with Maciej Kurzajewski and Katarzyna Cichopek. The self-proclaimed firecracker woman did not pass up any opportunity to make her newly-baked fiancé. She didn’t help either police interventionnor the earnest pleas of sons.

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Paulina Smaszcz is not interested in Kurzajewski? Netizens are of a different opinion

Paulina Smaszcz has recently sworn that she would withdraw from public laundry. She was supposed to do it at the request of her adult children, which apparently they had had enough of her provocative behavior.

(…) They say: “Mom, you have already said what you had to say. Who knows what the truth is, he knows.” Therefore, I wanted to officially say that I am no longer commenting. I still have a lot of news, but my sons don’t want any more

– she revealed in an interview with “Pudelek”.

Just a few days later, Smaszcz gave an interview in which she threatened the journalist TVPdeclaring on the FemiTalk podcast that she will threaten her ex-husband with his finger even after death.

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The women’s coach decided to take a new tactic and boasted of happy love on social media.

Instead of the word “I love” you can say: “I will always be with you, I am for you I will not failtrust me, hug (…) and then only keep your word manly. I am happy that I can support my children (Julka, Frania, Laura) with a man who never fails and it always is, and our time is to share every joy, the big one and the little one, without flaunting and advertising feelings that are not for show. It’s worth loving sincerely – she wrote on her Instagram profile.

According to Internet users, her seemingly warm entry was aimed at Maciej Kurzajewski and him media relationship with Katarzyna Cichopek. It didn’t take long for the “firecracker woman” to respond.

But I have an ex-husband somewhere. I have my sons with him, to whom he has responsibilities. You are writing some irrational and unsubstantiated nonsense

Smaszcz replied.

Her words did not convince online observers. “Supposed to be an ex-husband somewhere, but at every step of the way against him,” another Instagram user summed up.

And you, what do you think? Paulina Smaszcz really intends to let go of Kurzajewski?




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