Paulina Smaszcz communicates with Maciej Kurzajewski “only through lawyers”

Paulina Smaszcz communicates with Maciej Kurzajewski “only through lawyers”

Paulina Smaszcz, so-called “Woman-Firecracker” is also a Woman-Stiletto, skillfully aiming blows at her former partner. A partner with whom, let us remind you, he has not been in a relationship for three years. On Monday, January 30, the woman decided to post on her Instagram account, followed by almost 84,000 fans, wishes for her 50th birthday Maciej Kurzejewski. Between the words, she also smuggled the information that she is also already in a new relationship. The Internet was in an uproar, which we wrote about in a separate news on Monday afternoon.

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Paulina Smaszcz on why she can contact Maciej Kurzajewski “only through lawyers”

The situation with wishes echoed so widely on the Polish Internet that Katarzyna Derda, a journalist from the Świat Gwiazd portal, decided to ask Paulina Smaszcz about her intentions and the hidden reasons for her behavior.

The starting point was the sentence used in the entry:

Since I don’t have a chance to wish you any other way, I’m wishing you here.

Asked directly about the reasons for this state of affairs, Paulina Smaszcz replied:

“We only talk about the younger son and only through lawyers. How bad do you have to be to report the mother of your children to the police? And I testified the truth that it was a nice conversation, which was confirmed by the former mother-in-law.

In the next part of the conversation, she added that:

You don’t do that to the mother of your children after 23 years of marriage.

Paulina Smaszcz about the fact that the whole situation is “paradoxically very good” for her

The next sentences surprised the journalist of Świat Gwiazda, who did not hide her surprise in the description of the woman’s words. As we read in the material, Paulina Smaszcz “at the same time added that this situation is paradoxically very good for her.”

“It’s fantastic for my health.” It’s no longer important to me. He’s the father of my children and he’s supposed to respect them, that’s all. Besides, I really, with all my heart, wish him the best she added in an interview.

Strong words for someone who brings private matters to light at least once a week. Perhaps this is the “paradoxical nature of the good situation” of Paulina Smaszcz’s life – after all, no one has written about her so much and with such keen interest for years.

Paulina Smaszcz sharply talks about relations with the media

The surprising moment of Katarzyna Derda’s conversation with Paulina Smaszcz is in particular the moment when she talks about her relationship with the media.

I feel very good for a very long time. I’m just terrified of the media that don’t understand anything and live off people’s hate.

Since the media do not understand anything, we will leave these words to the free interpretation of the readers.

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