Paulina Holtz unveiled a naked breast on Instagram. Picture

Paulina Holtz is not afraid to express her views boldly. The star revealed the naked breasts on the web to draw attention to the disproportions in this topic between men and women. What is it actually about?

Paulina Holtz is an actress who started acting in the series as a teenager Clan. It was shown to a wider audience for the first time in 1997 – it was then that the premiere episode of the hit soap opera was broadcast, which to this day has its permanent place in the programming schedule and attracts loyal fans in front of TV sets. The star was embodied in Agnieszka Lubicz, and her acting skills were quickly noticed by producers of other TV hits. Thanks to this, we could also watch it in For good and for bad if Criminal.

The actress does not complain about the lack of work or happiness in her private life. For many years she has been associated with the operator, Marek Nowakowski. The couple had two children, but decided not to get married. Paulina admitted that she is not a supporter of marriages and the formalization of any relationships, and as you can see, they do not need any official receipts to create a happy home.

Paulina Holtz unveiled her bust on Instagram

Paulina Holtz she is a very active user of Instagram and often uses social media as a place where she speaks on good matters. More than once she has fought against stereotypes and social injustice. Now a photo has appeared on her profile, which she boldly wants to draw attention to another problem.

The star has exposed the bust to the lens and thus promotes the action Topfreedompl. Its purpose is to draw attention to the problem of revealing the chest in public places and the tolerance in this respect for men, and the complete lack of it for women.

@ane_ratownica initiated a grassroots activist action TOPFREEDOM.PL, which is to draw attention to the problem of inequality in the disclosure of the chest in public places and social media, and more broadly – the sexualization of the body perceived as female. Personally, I am maddened by the necessity of blurring or sticking female nipples (! Men are OK….) (Yes, the bust is OK. Female nipples are bad)

The actress admitted that she had problems more than once due to the nude artistic photos, which were far from vulgarity.

I’ve already had trouble with the nude photos. Naked, artistic photos. Not porn, nothing vulgar. Body, just like that. Some IGs of the biggest museums in the world have been banned for throwing in classic paintings and sculptures showing female nipples. Paranoia!!! This is of course the tip of the iceberg, but it makes it clear that gender inequality is considered “natural”.

Admittedly, the star boldly points to this action, but you can see that it gave the effect she wanted, as new comments quickly appear under the post. What is your opinion on this topic?

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