Patrick’s wife Swayze tortured him as he fought a terminal illness? The shocking truth came to light years later – Super Express

In early 2008, the media shocked the news that Patrick Swayze had pancreatic cancer. The actor who fought for his life was flawed and lost from 80 to 40 kilograms. Charlotte Stevens, a close friend of Swayze, in an interview with Radar Online revealed that it was then that Lisa Niemi was about to start torturing him, and he had no strength to defend himself.

The “Dirty Dancing” star was supposed to call a friend in the middle of the night crying and report what happened behind closed doors. His wife began to dispose of all his property and decide who to see, cut him off from almost everyone. According to her friends, she did it to conceal her abuse. One of the actor’s friends claims that she “beat him with whatever she wanted”.

She was scratching Patrick’s hands and neck. She punched and measured the cheeks – He also added that Patrick never gave her back. – He was adamant and never raised a hand to her.

Another added that Lisa allowed her husband to die in dirty clothes. “This is categorically not trueNiemi replied briefly, indignant.

We didn’t feel the need to let strangers into our house. I didn’t want to talk to others about his illness, because I knew it would be in the press soon. We wanted to protect each other. I tried to protect him from the horrible things that were written. And it was written that he was about to die.

Patrick and Lisa were considered a perfect marriage for 34 years. His relatives, however, claim that this is not true, because the wife has constantly cheated on the actor, which he knew about.

I told him: “You know she’s cheating on you and you’re not packing?“and he would answer me:”No, I don’t want this to be used against me“- recalled Charlotte Stevens.

Another friend says that the brawls were part of their marriage and Patrick’s wife had beaten Patrick for many yearseven when he was at full strength.

She beat him and he pounded the walls and furniture with his fist. They argued and destroyed whatever they could get their hands on. They demolished hotel rooms, cars, their house. This relationship was violent.

Additionally, it is quite shocking that the actor changed his will a few weeks before his death. Patrick had a strong relationship with his siblings and mom. According to the final version of the document, he left them nothing, and his $ 40 million fortune went entirely to his wife.

The family was sure that Lisa had forged the will and tried to challenge it in courtbut it didn’t do much. Swayze’s loved ones started to “rain” the most when it turned out in 2015 that the actor’s widow sold all his property, including his personal belongings.

But what hurt them most was the sale of his beloved ranch, on which he had his ashes scattered. The relatives wanted to create a museum there to commemorate Patrick. “Lisa sold everything, even the Mercedes that Patrick had bought her as a giftSwayze’s niece Danielle told the journalist.

Lisa did not have to sell the actor’s ranch, because not only did she have a huge fortune herself, but also the year before, she married a millionaire from the jewelry industry, Alberta DePrisco. Patrick’s friends consider this to be evidence of her calculation …

Her demeanor is a painful cheek for Patrick’s fans, and keeping all the ranch selling money for herself shows that this woman has a heart of ice – said the actor’s friend.

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