Patrice Evra: If I could turn back time, I would drop the game for France

Patrice Evra, a former Manchester United or Juventus player, made a sincere confession. He admitted that if he could choose again between playing for the national team of France or Senegal, he would have chosen the second option.

The once popular left-back ended his football career three years ago. Since then, he has often sat in a TV studio as an expert and shared his career memories with various media.

Currently, the 41-year-old is in Ghana, where he met, among others, with the country’s president, Nana Akufo-Addo. By the way, he came with a mission to inspire young people to influence the development of the entire African continent in various fields.

Incidentally, Evra had a chat with the chief of state. Pulse Ghana published an interview in which a retired footballer lamented the decision made in the context of the choice of the national team.

– I was born in Dakar but grew up in France. One of the painful lessons I’ve learned is facing a key decision in the context of representation. If you play well and win, you are French. If you lose you are considered Senegalese, he said.

– My dream is to change the image of Africa. I really want to reach a new generation and convey to these people that they can be successful in their own country. I try to publicize it through social media.

– If I could go back in time, I would choose the game for the country where I was born. It would be Senegal, not France.

– When I was young, my parents gave me a choice. Ultimately, I pointed out France. Later, however, I understood that this variant had political and image undertones – he added.

This is also how the door handle was set in August 2004, when Evra made his debut in the “Tri-color” colors. Throughout his career, he made 81 appearances for them.

During the European Championships in 2016, organized in France, he won the national team with “only” a silver medal, recognizing the superiority of the less favored Portugal in the final.

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