Patriarch Cyril’s absurd words. It’s about mobilization

In the context of Cyril’s words, Next asks if the patriarch himself will set an example and give up the armored Mercedes and the protection he uses.

Cyril has been supporting Vladimir Putin for years. After the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Patriarch Kirill said that Ukrainians and Russians are one nation, that the conflict was provoked by external forces to weaken Russia, and that “people were suppressed and exterminated” in Donbas.

Due to the position of the patriarch, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine declared independence from the Russian Orthodox Church at the end of May. In September, the Latvian Seym supported President Egil Levits’ initiative to grant the Latvian Orthodox Church independence from the Moscow Patriarchate.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on partial mobilization in Russia on Wednesday. Mobilization activities started on the same day. The decree provides for additional measures to implement the state’s defense order. Those called up will have to undergo military training.

According to the decree, only those citizens who are in reserve will be subject to military service, and above all those who have served in the armed forces, have specific military specializations and appropriate experience. As Putin pointed out in his speech to the citizens, the measure of partial mobilization was used “to protect Russia, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and to ensure the security of the Russian people.”

There are more and more videos on the web showing men who were mobilized as a result of Vladimir Putin’s decision. A crowd of young people was heading to one of the conscription points in Chechnya. In turn, in the Far East, the crying women said goodbye to mobilized people.

In the city of Nieriungri mobilized into the army in the far east of Russia, families bid farewell. The video shows crying women and men comforting them. And also a few buses to take new recruits to the mobilization site. The video was published by “The Insider”.

One of the recordings shows a crowd of young people who are probably headed to one of the mobilization points. Many of them record the entire situation. People in uniform move between the crowd. “Partial mobilization in Chechnya” – wrote the author of the entry on Telegram.

Nexta publishes a video from the Far East Yakutia on Twitter. It shows dozens of people walking through the gate guarded by soldiers. “Mobilization in Yakutia,” writes Nexta.

Another recording shows men from Błagowieszczeńsk, a city in the far east of Russia on the Amur River, right on the border with China. They get on the bus to the sound of a trumpet. “Sad mobilized men go to the bus to a boring tune,” comments Nexta.

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