Patodeweloperka in Poland. Tiny apartments and strange neighborhoods

Tomasz Borejza is a science journalist and blogger at the same time, who describes Krakow examples of extraordinary creativity of developers.

Team Notes! showed some investments.

– Here we have an example where you don’t even have to throw anything to the neighbor, just go out to the balcony and stretch out your hand and take salt, for example. That is why this block has been called integrative – points out Borejza ( And he adds: – This is an example of creativity in Excel, squeezing out the usable and living space. I think someone might have taken a solid bonus for using the plot so well.

– Pato-developer is a result of a pathological law which means that entrepreneurs, who are also developers, may legally build low-quality flats that are in no way related to the surroundings, do not meet even the minimum requirements, because we have been castrating the law with further restrictions on a regular basis for years, which prevented developers from making such apartments – convinces architect Paweł Mrozek and the author Profile of Hundred Years Planning.

Meanwhile, Tomasz Borejza took us to another place.

– We are next to a housing estate that may look like a fortress, but it is not really a fortress. It was built on the plan of the perfect prison, which was developed by Jeremy Bentham in the 19th century, the blogger laughs and adds: – It was based on the fact that there was a watchtower inside, in which there was a guard, and there were cells for prisoners around. Back then, no prisoner could be sure that the guard was looking at him. Bentham assumed that if a prisoner did not know whether the guard was watching, he would behave well.

We asked the developer where the idea for such a building came from. We didn’t get any reply. How does it live there?

– I call it Alcatraz because it has a similar shape. The inner buildings are too close in my opinion. It is to save space to earn as much as possible. Who even issued a building permit? – one of the residents wonders.

Hong Kong

Meanwhile, we moved to the capital, to a place commonly known as Hong Kong.

– Of course it is about profit. The more meters we sell on the smallest plot, the greater the profit will be – says architect Paweł Pedrycz. And he adds: – Developers do it because they can, and secondly – there is a demand. And why they can, this is a longer story. It results from regulations, planning, and in fact the lack of it.

The developer replied that he had built such buildings in accordance with the local spatial development plan, and the high 27-storey building shields the lower apartment blocks deep inside the estate from noise.


– What outrages me most is that making micro-apartments presents itself as a way out towards people. It is said that if people cannot afford a flat, these are small apartments that cost relatively little, says Paweł Pedrycz.

According to the regulations in force, an apartment is a room with more than 25 meters of usable floor space. Meanwhile, the housing market is flooded with micro-studios.

We agreed to see the nearly nine-meter premises.

– Nine meters, what do you want here? Japanese style. For Buddhists who do not have much, they do not need much – said the person who showed us.

Two years ago, the Internet went wild after one of the developers offered for sale a studio apartment with an area of ​​2.5 square meters. It was called the studio apartment. But there are more such miniature apartments.

– Is it possible to function in something like this, I would have great doubts. In environmental psychology, there is the concept of a behavioral marsh and this is something like that, says psychologist Dr. Tomasz Duda from the Medical University of Warsaw. And she adds: – This reduces the human being to the most basic life functions. Sleeping, excreting and eating. In fact, only these functions are to be fulfilled by the apartment. It is supposed to be a drawer to the apartment.

Łanowe estates

Like mushrooms after the rain, the so-called field settlements sprout in or amongst cultivated fields.

– We are getting rid of agricultural land, often even quite fertile and fertile, only because the developer will bring the farmer much higher profits at a given moment. And so there is an avalanche of transforming half into long strips of non-functional housing estates, which then become a problem for the commune. It is about infrastructure, pulling sidewalks among fields or lighting strange places where people normally should not live – says architect Paweł Mrozek.

One of such housing estates near Świdnica made an extraordinary career on the Internet. Internet users called them Polish Dubai or more homely Biskupin.

– As for Dubai, it seems to me that this comparison is supposed to apply to an artificially built island, but in this case nothing was artificially built. Historically, the plot had this shape and it was sold and developed in this shape by the developer as best he could – says Małgorzata Kułakowska, attorney-at-law at Silver City Deweloper. And he adds: – You can get to the estate on foot, by car or by bike. There’s no problem. I know that it is presented as a housing estate in the middle of a field, while within 1.5 km there is an elementary school, high school, shops, a church. Some people want to get away from the city noise, have city attractions, but live in peace and quiet.

According to architect Paweł Mrozek, the problem of field estates is mainly related to infrastructure.

– We are introducing very long settlements with a large number of inhabitants to one ineffective road, which was once intended to serve a handful of inhabitants of a given village. When tens of thousands of people are brought in, such infrastructure cannot withstand – he emphasizes.

– The path developer will never disappear because Poles are inventive. We have a black belt in how to do a horse system. But we can fight it by changing the rules. (…). We will all go down the stairs until we finally get to a situation where developers will start selling us dugouts, and finally a place in a cave – Mrozek concludes.

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