Panic among the Russian elite. They are afraid of strengthening Prigozhin’s influence

Panic among the Russian elite. They are afraid of strengthening Prigozhin’s influence

One senior official in an anonymous interview with the agency compared the current situation in Russia to a military dictatorship, but without the military coup that usually precedes it. According to the agency’s sources, fear is the dominant emotion among Russian business representatives.

Bloomberg sources confirm that growing concerns about the future have not yet turned into something of a domestic resistance to Putin’s policies. Many members of the Kremlin administration support what is described as “the existential struggle for the future of Russia” and see no other option but to escalate the pressure until “Ukraine and its allies in the US and Europe withdraw.”

At the same time, nearly 10 months of the ongoing war in Ukraine strengthened the view among many representatives of the business and economic elite that Putin’s invasion was a catastrophic mistake that condemns the country to isolation and weakness.

Even in government structures, many speak out silently against the war, but are too scared to demonstrate it out loud.

– we read.

A few days ago, the American Institute for War Studies (ISW) estimated that the leader of the mercenary Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is trying to build a power base independent of Putin, is growing in strength.

The analytical center also estimates that Prigozhin is trying to conceal its desire to build an independent power base, referring to the idea of ​​Russia’s historical unity. The HEI does not rule out that the businessman wants to reach Russian nationalists in this way and tries to counter criticism about his explicit attempts to strengthen his influence.


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