Pacific Drive will lead players to the “Olympic Exclusion Zone”. Check out the first trailer

There were also smaller offers at State of Play and Pacific Drive is the first production of the young Ironwood Studios. The creators were given a chance to present the new IP during the Japanese corporation’s event.

Pacific Drive is a first-person survival game. Players will explore the Zone, and during the story, it will be necessary to use a car, which is a “lifeline” – those interested will collect resources and improve the vehicle.

“In 1955, the US government took over the Pacific Northwest region through an assignment. The Olympic Peninsula became a place where promising new technologies were born, but these utopian creations had a price: intense radiation, an ecological catastrophe, and supernatural nightmares. The government fenced off the area and established the Olympic Exclusion Zone. What happened inside was never revealed. “

The main goal of Pacific Drive is to explore the irradiated location, but players will have to take care of their vehicle all the time – if you keep the machine in good condition, you will be able to collect resources, check new biomes and earn better and better rewards.

Pacific Drive is being developed from 2019 and production will debut in 2023 on PS5. Developers at Ironwood Studios are working with Sony to create the right experience for PlayStation fans.

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