“Our diplomacy is morally bankrupt.” Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs employees are declining en masse

According to the diplomat, some of his colleagues survived the beginning of the war “under stress, in bewilderment”. Another part – those who “clearly identify very strongly with the state’s interests” – spoke approvingly of the invasion.

– In the beginning, these people just shone. You might think that was all they had dreamed of all their lives. But when they found out that things weren’t as easy as it seemed, they started talking about using a head [nuklearnej] or two against the Americans, not to provoke a war, but to let them know we are serious, Bondarev said.

According to Bondarev, Russia’s current foreign policy is morally bankrupt: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is “connected with Lavrov, who tells some nonsense, about Maria Zakharovawhich even sensible diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do not understand what she is doing there. “Speaking of the minister, the diplomat noted that everyone welcomed his appointment in 2004 and praised his work in his first years in office. propaganda machine, adds the diplomat.

– He could have left saying that he did not agree with the politics, but then apparently the desire to stay in the warm ministerial chair and enjoy all the benefits prevailed – says Bondarev about Lavrov.

Boris Bondarev resigned on May 23 after 20 years of service. According to the diplomat, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ceased to deal with its immediate tasks and began to “serve a small group of people”. The system, he adds, fools itself with propaganda slogans “in the spirit of Soviet newspapers from the 1930s.

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