Orban’s voters indicated who is responsible for the war in Ukraine. “It’s pretty shocking”

The Hungarian Institute of IDEA conducted a study on how Hungarians perceive the war between Russia and Ukraine. The results may surprise you. The survey shows that only 3 percent. of supporters of Viktor Orban’s party believe that Russia is responsible for the outbreak of the war, and 12 percent. of them believe that the responsibility lies with Ukraine. 49 percent Fidesz voters indicated that the United States was to blame for the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

The Hungarian website 24.hu points out that Fidesz voters are more categorical on this issue than those voting for the far-right party, Our Homeland Movement (Hungarian Mi Hazank), who are in principle “much more radical in terms of war than Fidesz and who earlier they demonstrated in front of the Ukrainian embassy. ” The survey shows that 14 percent. voters of the Our Fatherland Movement blame Russia for the outbreak of the war, 19 percent. Ukraine, and 44 percent. – USA.

“Most of the supporters of the opposition coalition (64 percent) blame the Russians for the war and for the fact that peace has not been achieved (61 percent). The voters of Fidesz and Mi Hazank blame the United States primarily for the war,” writes 24.hu.

The survey shows that there is a consensus among supporters of various parties that the European Union is in a worse position due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. Voters of the opposition and the ruling party also fear the consequences of the war. They are most afraid of rising maintenance costs and rising energy prices.

Let us recall that Hungary has for a long time been against the transportation of weapons for Ukraine through its territory. The country’s authorities explained that they were afraid that the Russians might retaliate against the Hungarians living in the Ukrainian Transcarpathia. Their opinion changed only in the second half of July.

– I would like to emphasize that Hungary will not supply weapons – this is our position. However, third countries can use our territory, said the Hungarian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Levente Magyar

Source: 24.hu, PAP

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