“Or at first sight”. The groom escaped from the honeymoon after one quarrel

“Wedding at first sight” is a program that is very popular not only in Poland, but also in the world. The format is published in many countries, including Great Britain. Participants in the experiment get married to a strangerand the first appointment is at the time of submission oaths marriage. The spouses of the newest British edition of the show are Matt and Gemma, who had a sharp argument during their honeymoon.

“Wedding at first sight”. The delight quickly faded

It would seem like the participants the latest edition they are perfectly matched. They are both of a similar age, love tattoos and are engaged in hairdressing on a daily basis. According to “Radio Times” Gemma Is alive full of life, she is crazy and direct. In the program, she wanted to find a man with whom she would be able to experience a fairy-tale romance. Matt is an extrovert, enjoys hiking and exercises a lot. The couple seeing each other for the first time she caught my eye, but the idyll did not last long.

“Wedding at first sight”. Matt and Gemma’s big quarrel

It would seem that everything will be perfect. After the wedding, it was time for a honeymoon. The couple went on a joint vacation, during which they went to restaurant on a romantic dinner. As reported by “Mirror”, there was a quarrel between the newlyweds on the date. Gemma started joking and interrupting the conversation with tactless, sexual overtones. Even though the man wasn’t pleased, the woman just laughed. The participant did not hide his embarrassment and left the restaurant furious.

Matt had to clear up his thoughts after the whole situation. After some time, the spouses met again. The groom explained some texts and behaviors Wife he doesn’t like them. Gemma admitted that she wanted to learn a lesson from the situation and asked her husband not to end their relationship. The couple, despite the groom’s initial escape, decided to give each other another chance.

Do you think Matt and Gemma are a good match?

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