“Or at first sight”. Marta had one condition. Has not been fulfilled. It’s about the appearance of the husband

The eighth edition has started “Wedding at first sight”. In the latest episodes, viewers could take a closer look at the newly minted spouses. The confusion was caused by the comment of Marta’s mother, who revealed what her daughter’s expectations were towards her future husband. Probably not fulfilled.

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“Wedding at first sight”. These couples seemed to survive

“Wedding at first sight”. Martha expected her husband to be no shorter. Was she disappointed?

When the bride’s family saw Pat, comments about the 37-year-old from Szczecin could be heard from a distance. Mom Marty had some concerns, because her daughter confessed before the wedding that she would like her partner to be taller than her.

Marta told me not to be shorter than her. I see that no, I don’t think so, whispered the mother of the participant in “Wedding at first sight”.

When Virgin the young one arrived at the wedding, the camera’s eye caught that she was slightly taller than her future husband. This difference could only be temporary, because the woman came to the ceremony in shoes on highheels. In the copy, she admitted that Patryk has a nice face, but she does not know if anything would connect them outside the program.

I can’t say if anything would connect us if we passed each other on the street – Marta confessed.

“Wedding at first sight”. Patryk commented on Martha’s appearance

Patryk was a bit more enthusiastic. The man admitted that he was newly married she he is an attractive woman, although he has never dated blondes.

In general, I like it, this is my type, but I haven’t met such a woman yet, because I haven’t met a blonde.

Despite these small glitches, viewers still consider Patrick and Marta to be the most promising couple. Do you share their opinion?

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