One week was in a coma. I want to go back? And the family trembles

At the turn of August and September, the entire speedway environment trembled for the health of Adrian Miedziński, who, after a terrible fall in Zielona Góra, fought for his life for several days. The initial information was terrible, it was said of a serious injury to the brain and spine. For a week, the Polonia player in Bydgoszcz was in a pharmacological coma. When he was awakened, his condition began to improve rapidly. Miedziński has already left the hospital in Zielona Góra and is rehabilitating in his home region.

Knowing the nature of this rider, Miedziński probably will not give up so easily when it comes to further starts on the speedway. He had come back several times after some nasty accidents, although many advised him not to. Now, Miedziński also does not assume a 100% end to his career, but his family and partner do not want to hear about its continuation. They are afraid to tempt fate again and you absolutely cannot be surprised.

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Clubs have concerns too

The Polish diaspora would probably consider leaving Miedziński for the next season, if he were in full strength. The player found himself well in the Bydgoszcz environment, and a strong senior would be very useful to fight for promotion. Our information shows, however, that the team will be assembled without it, because you cannot guarantee that it will come back, and secondly (if it comes back) in what form it will be.

Other clubs are also very conservative towards Miedziński. The market is heavily disguised, especially when it comes to domestic seniors. There is not much to choose from, but Miedziński is somewhat overlooked. Few people believe in his return. At the moment, there are no proposals, although if his condition improves so quickly in the coming months, who knows what will happen in spring.

Who is Adrian Miedziński?

Adrian Miedziński is the team world champion and the winner of the Polish GP in 2013. He is one of the most famous Polish speedway riders in the 21st century. For many years, however, he has been struggling with the tendency to numerous falls, which cause breaks in starts and sometimes serious injuries.

After an accident in Prague nine years ago, when he lost consciousness, some advised him not to go back to the speedway. He, however, showed a sporty character and was quickly back on the track. In the following years, however, I fall again. After this year’s edition it got very serious. Doctors fought for his life. The danger is now averted, but the player’s future is still unknown.

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