“One sentence made me meet my husband’s mistress”

“One sentence made me meet my husband’s mistress”

* We publish a reader’s letter sent to the editorial office of Damosfera. The name of the heroine is known to the editors of Damosphere.

We didn’t have a long internship with Wojtek, we didn’t know him from high school or college. We met at a friends party. We were well into our thirties. Maybe it wasn’t love at first sight, but we loved each other, we liked spending time together. We shared common values, passions and beliefs. Zośka appeared quite quickly, after a year and a half after the meeting.

we wanted her. Both. And I certainly wanted a baby. A 35-year-old woman constantly hears this ticking clock “tick-tock, tick-tock” and it’s compounded by questions from friends and family. So, Zośka appeared. I haven’t seen the world outside of it. Wojtek worked a lot, I took care of Zosia for the first two years after she was born. We wanted to give her the best. When she started her third year, I found a babysitter and went back to work. I’ve always loved working, and I’ve loved my job. Working with people organizing events was it! I kept putting thoughts of having a second child on the shelf. I didn’t think it was a good time yet.

I don’t even know when I realized that Wojtek was cheating on me. Somehow it didn’t reach me. Zośka was only six years old, and I couldn’t understand that he had already found someone else. Why? So he doesn’t love me? I tried to sort it out in my head, but it was hard. Wojtek confessed, and I tried to fight for our relationship. Unfortunately, Wojtek did not want to. He filed for divorce. So I wanted the divorce to be his fault, I didn’t feel good about it all, but I didn’t want to let go. Wojtek brought out the heaviest guns. He fought cruelly, said terrible things about me. He cheated and he filed for divorce. But I should have remembered that it was him who had to be exposed, that no one had the right to oppose him, and I dared.

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