One of the fans tried to rob Robert Lewandowski. Unpleasant incident before FC Barcelona training

Before the Thursday training of FC Barcelona, ​​Robert Lewandowski was robbed by one of the people who waited in front of the training center “Blaugrana”. The Pole lost his mobile phone and watch, but the police have already detained the perpetrator.

The runners-up of Spain are preparing for the next league meeting. Next Sunday they will play against Real Sociedad. There was an unpleasant incident before Thursday’s training session.

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As usual, a lot of “Barca” fans gathered at Ciutat Esportiva. It turns out that one of the people tried to rob Robert Lewandowski, who was going to the classes in his car.

The thief took advantage of the confusion that arose around the approaching Pole and opened the passenger door. He wanted to steal a cell phone and a watch. “Mundo Deportivo” was the first to announce this.

According to “Sport”, the Pole himself chased the perpetrator. Ultimately, however, the Spanish police dealt with the matter and quickly appeared on the scene.

The thief was quickly identified and the perpetrator confessed to the charges against him. Catalunya Radio reports that the watch is buried in one of the local orchards.

However, the loss was recovered and all Lewandowski’s belongings were returned to the Pole. The value of the stolen watch is estimated at 70,000 euros.

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