One is illogically betting on Russia, the other one is betting on China. Scholz follows the Schroeder path

One is illogically betting on Russia, the other one is betting on China. Scholz follows the Schroeder path

Chancellor Olaf Scholz was victorious: his cabinet did not prohibit the entry of the Chinese state-owned shipping company Cosco into the operating company of the container terminal in the port of Hamburg. This means that the Chinese shipping company can take over 24.9 percent. share – writes the daily “Bild”, who discussed the decision with Chinese expert Joachim Krause, director of the Institute for Security Policy at the University of Kiel.

“Are you in charge decrease Germany’s economic dependence on China? “ZDF TV asked. 84 percent of Germans said yes, but Chancellor Scholz appears to be among that” narrow red bar “on the chart.

The chancellor pushed the port agreement with China against the advice and will of all ministers and authorities involved. Sounds like in the days of “bast-chancellor” and Russia’s friend Gerhard Schroeder, the newspaper notes. “This action by the chancellor is unprecedented. The conclusion of such a problematic agreement against all advice and risking that the FDP and the Greens seriously raise the issue of the coalition has never happened before,” admitted Krause.

Asked if Scholz towards China now repeats the mistakes of Schroeder and Merkel with regard to Russia’s policy, Krause stated that “for 25 years our foreign policy and our defense policy were in disarray: hostile to Europe, hostile to the alliance and submissive to Russia and China. Now Scholz (…) makes the situation even worse, even though it was supposed to be a turning point.” .

In an interview with “Bild”, the expert pointed out that in the last 25 years Germany allowed itself to become fatally entangled first with Russia and then with China, which “has led to dependence on governments that threaten their neighbors militarily. We see the consequences in Ukraine. Scholz was also partly responsible for this. Today he repeats his mistake against China, and in other areas Scholz isolates us in Europe.”

Over the past decade, China has purchased shares in thirteen European ports. Hamburg will be next.

In Eastern Europe, we are at the bottom, because we are not helping Ukraine with tanks in a war, for which our foreign policy is partly to blame. In Europe, we are faced with growing distrust from both small and large countries, not least because of our rapprochement with China and Russia. The US has been shaking its head for a long time

Krause emphasized.

The chancellor has rejected President Macron’s proposal to fly to Beijing together next week, “Bild” pointed out. According to the head of the Institute for Security Policy, “relations between Berlin and Paris seem to be at the lowest level”.

The federal government “appears to be operating without consulting France in many areas, such as defense projects and the gas pricing issue. As for China, Scholz not only cheats Macron, but isolates himself throughout the West. Now is not the time to go to Beijing and do business there, but what is needed is a common policy by the Western community of states against China, which is becoming more and more totalitarian internally and aggressively external. “

Source:, PAP

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