Oliwia Bieniuk on how Przybylska raised her What kind of mother was she?

Oliwia Bieniuk gave an interview in which she remembered her childhood. What kind of mother was Anna Przybylska for her? The actress had strict rules.

Oliwia Bieniuk slowly enters show business. Ania Przybylska’s daughter has not been hiding for several years that she wants to follow her mother’s professional footsteps. He has already had his first appearances in front of cameras, professional photo sessions, and even participation in Dancing with the Stars. Thanks to the talent show, she has gained a large group of fans who are constantly following her career and cheering for her next endeavors.

I generally focus on my personal development. I am studying for acting school exams. We’ll see if I can get in at all, because the exams are very difficult. But if it does not work out, of course I have a plan B. I will go to another field of study, but I will not tell you which one. I hope I inherited the talent – she said a few weeks ago.

Already in October, the actress’s daughter begins studies in her dream field. She managed to get into the Film School in Warsaw.

Oliwia Bieniuk about how her mother raised her

Olivia is slowly realizing her dreams, which is strongly supported by her dad. Jarosław Bieniuk cheered her on from the very beginning when she appeared in the dance show beloved by viewers and was in the audience when she whirled on the dance floor. It is also known that she is very happy that she got admitted to the university she chose. The 20-year-old is sure that her mother would also be proud of her.

I think my mother would be cheering for me and she would be very pleased. I believe that she wants me to be happy, so she would support me in what I do – she revealed in an interview with Dziendobry.tvn.pl.

Oliwia also mentioned that the actress raised children with a hard hand, and Jarosław Bieniuk was the more indulgent parent. After Ania’s death, everything was about to change, which led to tensions between them.

Mum was the one who raised me strictly, and Dad was the kind of person who, when we were arguing, would say, “Stop it, girls, it doesn’t make sense.” It was our mediator. My mother was very pedantic, she liked to clean and raised us very much. Three children, two boys and one girl is quite a challenge. When mom left, that changed. I started to mature, I changed, I started to rebel. Dad must have become that bad cop, we didn’t like each other. It is very good now, I am big and I make my own decisions – she said in an interview with Dzieńdobry.tvn.pl.

Now the relationship between Oliwia and Jarek is very warm. Let us remind you that this year it will be 8 years since the actress’s death, and it will hit theaters in October documentary about Ania Przybylskathat her fans are longing for,

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