Oliwia Bieniuk confessed that guys do not have a chance with her. Bitter words

In the latest interview for Dzień Dobry TVN Oliwia Bieniuk opened up about male-female relationships. She expressed her opinion on the behavior of modern guys and revealed what she is like the type of man.

My impression is that the guys in the 21st century stopped trying. I do not know what’s going on. I have the impression that now I have to take an initiative to the guy and I have to invite him for dinner or ice cream so that he wants to go out with me […] I know it will come and I don’t want to force anything – says Oliwia in an interview for Dziendobry.tvn.pl.

Oliwia Bieniuk in an interview for the website Dziendobry.tvn.pl willingly revealed what her type is the man.

For me, a guy has to have it. The second most important factor is that there is a chemistry between us […] Unfortunately, boys are very immature, it is not yet the stage of emotional maturity that is needed in a relationship. I was very hurt in such relationships. Now I prefer older guys, and I’m not talking about the guy being fifteen years older than me. Just to make him a little older – explains Oliwia Bieniuk.

Moreover, she was participant in “Dancing with the Stars” revealed that in a potential partner she pays attention to the fact that he is tall and athletic, but “does not have to be tight”. She also mentioned that she cares about spending time together and having fun with her partner.

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