Oleksiy Aretovych resigns from his post. “Fundamental Error”

Oleksiy Aretovych resigns from his post.  “Fundamental Error”

Oleksiy Aretovych resigns from his post. “Fundamental Error”

Aretovych posted on social media a photo of a handwritten letter of his resignation dated January 17. “I want to show an example of civilized behavior. A fundamental mistake, and therefore resignation,” he noted on Facebook.

From the beginning of the Russian invasion, Aretovych made regular appearances in the media, many times expressing expressive opinions and arousing controversy.

After Saturday’s Russian shelling of the Dnieper Aretovych said a missile that struck an apartment block, killing at least 44 people, had previously been hit by Ukrainian air defenses. The words of Volodymyr Zelensky’s adviser were quoted by many Russian media in an attempt to remove the responsibility for the deaths of civilians from the army.

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This statement was sharply criticized by the mayor of the Dnieper, Boris Filatov, and he called on the Security Service of Ukraine to deal with Arestovych. The commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, Gen. Mykola Oleszchuk, emphasized that the Ukrainian military does not have the ability to shoot down Russian Kh-22 missiles.

Arrestiv later in a statement, he apologized to “the victims and their relatives, the residents of the Dnieper and anyone who was offended by my incorrectly stated reason why a Russian missile hit an apartment block.”

So far, 39 people have been rescued from the nine-storey block, which was fired on by a Russian anti-ship missile on Saturday. On Tuesday morning, regional authorities said more than 20 people were still missing. Among the 79 injured, 16 are children.

The shell completely destroyed one of the verticals of the building with 79 apartments, where over 200 people are officially registered. The shelling occurred over the weekend when many residents were at home. As of Tuesday morning, 44 people have died.

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