Olek Ruminkiewicz was murdered 26 years ago. Murderer on the loose

Olek Ruminkiewicz was murdered 26 years ago. Murderer on the loose

10-year-old Olek Ruminkiewicz was kidnapped for ransom. Two months later, the body of the boy, strangled with a cable, was found in a well in one of the orchards near Konin.

– In this orchard my son’s last journey took place. He was driving from Konin in the trunk. His first grave was also here, it was there for 60 days. Fixed to the ground, perfect – says Mr. Wojciech.

The murderer of Olek turned out to be Krzysztof F. – a former judge of the Konin court. F. came from a respected legal family. His father was the president of the District Court in Konin. The killer knew the financial situation of the Ruminkiewicz family very well, he visited them at home. As it turned out, F. was addicted to gambling and ran into debt. Was it material trouble that drove him to murder?

– He owed a lot of people. It also turned out that he traveled to Poznań and played in gambling venues. Neither I nor his family knew it – says Mr. Wojciech. And adds: – He had two faces. He believed in a perfect crime. He acted with a strong preparation, he believed that he would get a lot of money and I would end up. There will be no child’s grave and he will not be a murderer.

25 years in prison and redress

Krzysztof F. was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment. In separate proceedings, the court awarded the murdered boy’s father compensation.

– I once approached my son’s kidnapper and murderer in a trial. I asked, “Murderer, are you not tormented by your conscience after you murdered my son?” He said, “Tormenting, but that adds nothing to it.” It is probably characteristic of child killers that they cannot apologize – says Mr. Wojciech.

At the beginning of last year, Olek’s murderer was released. We were able to find Krzysztof F. The man works in one of the grocery chains.

“Don’t make a splash,” he said, and refused to speak to us.

– I never heard the word sorry from him. But I don’t want to see him. I am not for forgiveness, but I am not vindictive and I do not take revenge – assures Mr. Wojciech.

– Wojtek is sentenced to the end of his life. He will continue to live with pain, he will wake up with it every day – says Teofil Chrisochojdis, a friend of Mr. Wojciech.

– Today Oleś would be 36 years old. Certainly due to the fact that he was passionate about sport, he would still accompany him in life – Ruminkiewicz supposes.

400 thousand zloty

The compensation unpaid over the years, together with interest, increased to the amount of PLN 400,000. Meanwhile, only a symbolic amount of money was credited to the victim’s father’s account.

– He definitely had some property. I don’t blame his family. His wife owned an apartment with him, but she ran away, there were little children there. I have never had a grudge against his family – wife or parents. But he should take a job, make some moves – says Mr. Wojciech.

Despite the enforcement proceedings conducted by the bailiff, the debt is still not enforced. The inheritance from the murderer’s parents was inherited by his brother.

– The bailiff entered my account. My brother refused to hand over the property to me, says F.

Krzysztof F.’s brother is a lawyer. He also refused to be interviewed. The man argues that he has not had contact with his brother for many years.

Does the bailiff conducting the proceedings do everything to collect the debt? How does he monitor Krzysztof F.’s income?

– The procedure is not the easiest one. The bailiff has a problem with the effective collection of liabilities – admits Marek Grzelak from the Chamber of Bailiffs in Poznań. And he adds: – The activities performed by the bailiff, i.e. checking bank accounts, real estate, and an interview in the central register of vehicles, did not lead to the disclosure of any property on which the bailiff could effectively carry out enforcement.

What are the consequences of a man who does not pay compensation?

– Apart from the fact that his financial status will be systematically verified by the bailiff who conducts the proceedings, there will be no other consequences, especially criminal liability for non-payment of debts – admits Marek Grzelak.

The boy’s father will continue to fight to obtain the compensation he is owed. He wants to donate the money he has obtained to charity.

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