Oktoberfest in Munich opens after a two-year break

Lots of people have been standing here since 5am. Hundreds also lined the streets of Munich city center as innkeepers drove to the festival grounds on Theresienwiese in the morning, accompanied by festively decorated brewery wagons.

In 2020 and 2021, Oktoberfest was canceled due to a pandemic. There are no restrictions this year, but authorities have warned visitors to take the test if they have symptoms of a cold and not to come to the beer festival with any sickness. Doctors expect a wave of infections after Oktoberfest – just like after other festivals.

Before the pandemic, arguably the world’s largest folk festival Six million visitors came regularly – reminds “Welt”. It is not yet known whether this year’s crowds will be as large as in the past. Some expect more guests – others rather less, incl. due to the price of beer, which has risen by almost 16 percent since 2019. A liter mug (Maß) of beer now costs from 12.60 to 13.80 euro (about 59 and 65 zlotys).

About 600 policemen will ensure safety during the two festival weeks until October 3. They will be supported by uniformed policemen from France and Italy. Random checks of festival guests will be carried out at the entrances. As in previous years, it is forbidden to carry larger bags and backpacks at the festival.

Oktoberfest 2022. Beer festival in MunichPAP / EPA / CHRISTIAN BRUNA

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