OFFICIAL: FIFA has issued its final verdict on Ecuador’s participation in the World Cup

The FIFA Appeals Committee upheld the findings of the Disciplinary Committee and … did not find any violations of the applicable rules by Ecuador in connection with the performances of Byron Castillo in the qualifying matches of the World Cup.

A few months ago, Chilean and Peruvian football officials filed a complaint against La Tricolor after gathering incriminating evidence against one of continental rival’s squad, Byron Castillo.

The two federations concluded that the 23-year-old defender was not allowed to compete in eight World Cup qualifiers wearing an Ecuadorian jersey because he was actually Colombian and had falsified documents.

The Disciplinary Commission, however, did not find any breach of the applicable regulations. Therefore, Chile and Peru have made use of the appeal procedure by referring the request for retrial by the Appeals Committee.

This was to receive further evidence against the current defender of Club León and the Ecuadorian Football Association. These included, inter alia, the testimony of the footballer himself from … 2018, in which he confessed to forgery and revealed his reasons.

However, this and other materials were not sufficient for FIFA to verify the results of “La Tricolor” for walkovers, which would lead to a lot of confusion before the World Cup, as Chile would take Ecuador’s place.

“The FIFA Appeals Committee has issued a decision on appeals by the Chilean Football Association (FFCH) and the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) against a decision issued by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee on the potential ineligibility of a player Byron David Castillo Segura in relation to his participation in eight qualifying matches. representation of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ™ qualifying competition.

After examining the pleadings of all parties and conducting a hearing, the Appeals Committee confirmed the decision of the Disciplinary Committee to close the proceedings brought against the FEF after considering, inter alia, that, on the basis of the submitted documents, the player should be considered as having permanent Ecuadorian nationality pursuant to Art. 5 sec. 1 of the FIFA regulations governing the application of the Statute.

The findings of the Appeals Committee’s decision have today been communicated to the interested parties. This decision remains the subject of an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, ”reads the statement of the Appeals Committee.

Thus, “La Roja” lost the last chance to be at the World Cup, but it will certainly try to assert itself in the next path and if it manages to get the expected verdict, then it will demand huge compensation from FIFA for the losses suffered.

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