NYT: Ukraine used US intelligence data to plan a counteroffensive

Ukrainians were able to use US intelligence to identify key Russian targets; began planning a counteroffensive that has allowed them to achieve significant success in the Northeast in recent days, the New York Times reported.

According to the newspaper The US provides Ukraine with information about Russian command posts, ammunition stores, etc. This played a decisive role in the planning and execution of tasks such as targeting enemy forces, killing high-ranking generals, and forcing ammunition supplies to be moved further from the front lines.

Earlier, US intelligence agents said that they often understood Russia’s military plans better than Ukraine’s, the newspaper noted. This was due to the Ukrainians’ fears that sharing operational plans could highlight their weaknesses and discourage Americans from further support.

“But as Ukraine prepared its plans to strike against the Russians, leaders in Kiev decided that sharing more information with the United States would help them get more help,” writes the NYT based on intelligence sources.

He added that it was not yet clear what the strategic significance of the Ukrainian gains would be. The offensive, however, could be the beginning of actions that could distance the Russian front line.

The newspaper cites the opinion of retired Lieutenant General Frederick B. Hodges, the former top commander of the US Army in Europe. He admitted that Ukraine could regain territories in the south and east faster than he thought and pave the way for the recapture of Crimea next year.

Other representatives of the Pentagon spoke in a similar vein. They emphasized the benefits of training Ukrainians for 8 years. At the same time, they admitted that it was too early to judge whether the Ukrainian army could maintain its gains.

“The offensive will burden the Ukrainians, who suffer from supply shortages, especially artillery shells. Their army also suffered heavy losses. Going on the offensive is more difficult than defending and more difficult to maintain (gains),” writes the NYT.

He also refers to warnings by US officials that the more successful Ukraine is, the more Russia will seek to retaliate.

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