Not only music. A lot of ecological attractions during the “Earth Festival” 2022

“Earth Festival” 2022 in Uniejów is three days of great music experiences and two days filled with activities for children and adults in a specially arranged eco-town. All gathered will be, among others, sports challenges in virtual reality, beauty zone with eco-care, contests with prizes, or eco-workshops: building houses for insects, pictures of plants and much more.

They will be conducted talks about climate and air quality and animations promoting a healthy and active lifestylefor example with the help of cycling simulators or volleyball games.

On Saturday, the “Earth Festival” open-air cinema will start, where you will be able to watch the BBC Earth movie “Earthshot. How to Save Our Planet” with David Attenborough. There will also be films for children – as part of the “Earth Festival” open-air cinema, you will also be able to see the production of “Hedgehog and Friends”. For fans and fans of romantic comedies, the screening of the film “Fiancée” is planned.

Attractions in the town are aimed at promoting ecological attitudes. “We want each of the participants to receive knowledge about what they can do for the environment in their home and neighborhood” – the organizers assure.

“Earth Festival is a special event for us because of two advantages – entertainment and, what is extremely important – also educational. This year we have three great concerts: two devoted to ecology, the elements and Mother Earth, and one devoted to the war in Ukraine “- says the Programming Director of Polsat TV Nina Terentiew.

As part of the eco-town “Earth Festival” 2022, the Interia zone and the “Czysta Polska” Program Association will operate. Its most important elements and events are:

  • green, a wall full of plants to take exceptional photos of yourself from the festival;
  • weather quiz concerning various weather phenomena;
  • curiosities weather;
  • chill zone Zielona Interia;
  • creation workshops moss images (Saturday August 20);
  • scientific demonstration i pressure experiments (Sunday August 21).

“We want to promote a rational and responsible approach to how we live and what we use. We want to inspire you to small, positive changes for the better that together will create something bigger“- say the creators of” Earth Festival “.

In the eco-town “Earth Festival” 2022 you will also be able to see Polish bus hydrogen Nesobus produced by the Polsat Plus Group. This is one of the first such structures in Poland. The innovative bus is powered by hydrogen, which makes it an exceptionally ecological vehicle designed for public transport.

To Uniejów, to the site of the “Earth Festival” 2022 you can also bring small electro-wastewhich will be collected for free by the “Electro-System” recovery organization. In exchange for electronic waste, you will be able to get fragrant herbs. Recycling competitions with prizes will also be organized, and on Sunday the stand will be visited by the influencer Magda Bereda.

The Friday concert “Zalewski and Friends” will be built around the four elements – earth, air, fire and water. Krzysztof Zalewski invited his friends to the stage care for the earth is particularly close, and ecology is their way of life. Monika Brodka, Igo, Grubson, Smolik, Natalia Szroeder, Natalia Przybysz, Paulina Przybysz and Katarzyna Nosowska will sing on one stage with Krzysztof.

The festival in Uniejów will be crowned with a Sunday festival concert “Stars for Clean Poland”. Artists known for their commitment to environmental protection will perform on stage. This evening will be performed by: Andrzej Piaseczny, Julia Wieniawa, Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka, Doda, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Michał Szpak, Sebastian Riedel, Ania Rusowicz, Pectus, Konin Gospel Choir.

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