Not Just Kevin – Christmas movies and shows available on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video and Apple TV+

Not Just Kevin – Christmas movies and shows available on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video and Apple TV+

Not Just Kevin – Christmas movies and shows available on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video and Apple TV+

Time after Christmas dinner, a shiny Christmas tree, a warm blanket and a comfortable sofa – what more could you want when you’re not catching up on a game of shame? Christmas story! However, if our loved ones are fed up with Kevin, they know the jokes from “Nerflight: Hello Santa Claus” by heart, they no longer get emotional with “Love Actually” and are unable to watch Jim Carrey again in “The Grinch: There will be no Christmas, what should we choose? There are really many options. Here is a list of movies and series – older and newer productions – that we can check out this Christmas on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime or Apple TV+.

Christmas productions have permanently entered the schedule of premieres at the end of the year – streaming platforms have been systematically benefiting from this trend for several years, providing newer and newer stories drawing on the atmosphere of Christmas to a greater or lesser extent. Wanting to slightly depart from the “Polish tradition” of spending Christmas Eve evening with Macaulay Culkin productions that are already old, we present our list mainly of films and animations (although there is also a series) that may draw your attention in this special time.

Klaus [2019] – Netflix

The punishment for Jesper, the naughty and worst student at the postman academy, is resettlement on a mysterious and hostile island, where there is no shortage of quarreling residents. Unexpectedly, the resigned boy gets in the way of Klaus – a carpenter who has many hand-made toys in his hut. This is how the legend of Saint Nicholas is created before our eyes and customs related to him are formed. This superbly written and executed animation will bring a smile to your face more than once, to bring you to tears of emotion in a moment. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Christmas productions developed by the Netflix team.

Guardians of the Galaxy Getting Closer to Christmas [2022] – Disney+

James Gunn skillfully spices up the crazy Guardians of the Galaxy with Christmas convention in his typical style. This time, the main mission of the team is to find the perfect gift for Quill – a visit to Earth will give rise to a series of unexpected and funny situations, and Drax and Mantis fulfill the task very well, being the perfect comedy duo. This is a must-have for Marvel enthusiasts this holiday season.

Silent Night [2017] – Amazon Prime Video

However, if we want to reach for an image that differs from all sweet, naive Christmas films, let us pay attention to the story directed and written by Piotr Domalewski (this is his feature debut), whose plot takes place during the holidays. The main character of “Silent Night” is Adam, who needs the approval of family members to implement his plan for the future – so he unexpectedly shows up at Christmas Eve. Thus, we have the opportunity to look at many personal stories locked in one multi-generational family. A seemingly ordinary story was shown very precisely and in an original way, and the excellent cast made us follow Adam’s actions with great interest – his relatives can be a mirror of many Polish families. It’s a very solid and moving film.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol [2022] – Netflix

This year’s novelty of the streaming giant, presenting the well-known story by Charles Dickens. Ebenezer Scrooge is a bitter man, extremely stingy, envious and hating Christmas. A surprising visit from three ghosts gives him a real opportunity to analyze his life. The animation does not bring too much new content or changes, but it draws heavily from the production from 1970 – in the English version we will hear, among others, Olivia Colman and Luke Evans.

Christmas Harmony [2022] – HBO Max

If you are not bored of Christmas romantic comedies like “Love Actually” or “Holiday” on HBO Max, another proposal based on this theme debuted this year. Gail Travers, a songwriter and singer, has a chance to develop her career – for this purpose she travels to the other end of the country, but she has to change her plans. During a stopover in Oklahoma, he meets a family… The production available on HBO Max is very predictable and uses many familiar themes, but you can’t deny its charm and pleasant atmosphere, so desirable during the holiday season.

Christmas storm [2022] – Netflix

The Norwegian series is another Netflix offer this year focusing on the fate of a group of travelers whose plans are destroyed by a huge snowstorm – arrivals and departures at the airport are completely suspended, which means that the characters, whether they want it or not, are forced to wait and make contact with each other. It is quite an efficient form of presenting various stories set in the unusual scenery of a Norwegian airport and embellished with the most popular Christmas songs. There will be messages about the value of love, friendship and ordinary human kindness.

LEGO Star Wars A Christmas Adventure [2020] – Disney+

A proposal with a grain of salt for younger and older Star Wars fans. The creators somewhat settle with “Skywalker. Rebirth”, focusing on the successive adventures of Rey and her friends – when the Jedi seeks to explore the secret knowledge of the Force, he travels back in time, experiencing many iconic moments from the cosmic saga. Although the humor of the block animation is a bit different from previous productions of this type, “Christmas adventure” may turn out to be a great curiosity containing a quite effective lightsaber duel and a message about the importance of family and friends.

Christmas Chronicle [2018] – Netflix

Kurt Russell as Santa Claus – can it work? Director Clay Kaytis proves that it is! The film depicting the fate of two siblings who, after the loss of their father, became very distant from each other, is not a minor Christmas proposal reaching for trivial schemes and threads – and this is no small merit of the producer Chris Columbus. The kids, trying to catch Santa Claus, lead to quite a massacre that threatens Christmas. Good acting, quite accessible script and efficient implementation create a pleasant Christmas offer for the whole family.

Mickey Mouse’s Christmas Carol [1983] – Disney+

If during the Christmas period you plan to reach for definitely more classic productions, we strongly encourage you to watch “A Christmas Carol”, but in the version with iconic Disney characters. Although this version is old, it still captivates with its production, polished music and characters that steal our attention – and it must be admitted that Scrooge McDuck as Ebenezer Scrooge is an extremely good choice.

David and the elves [2021] – Netflix

A Polish gem that conquered the Netflix rankings during the holiday season last year. The story focuses on a boy named David, who desperately wants to feel the magic of Christmas, and in this he will be helped by the elf Albert who plans to save the land of Santa Claus. Although many critics criticized the Christmas family comedy for its banal plot, imitation or predictable script, the subscribers of the SVOD platform loved Michał Rogalski’s film for its warm message and pleasant story. If you missed this movie last year, you can always catch up.

Christmas spirit [2022] – Apple TV+

If in the whole flood of proposals reaching for the theme of “A Christmas Carol” you missed one more production, you just got it. Ryan Reynolds is an actor who is not afraid of any challenges – and he proves it perfectly in the musical “Christmas Spirit”. The main character is Clint Briggs, a modern-day Scrooge and specialist in stirring up scandals on the Internet, who is the target of the ghosts of past, present and future holidays wanting to put him on the right track. The film is interspersed with many Christmas songs in the best style, simple but unobtrusive humor and a kitschy atmosphere – for Christmas as found!

Halloween Town [1993] – Disney+

The icing on the cake of today’s list is the animation, which at first glance does not fit well with the main theme – but nothing could be more wrong! The main character of “Halloween Town” is Pumpkin King Jack Skellington, who after another celebration of his holiday feels more and more tired, accidentally ends up in an extremely colorful and cheerful Christmas Town. The new place makes such a strong impression on him that he decides to organize his own Christmas – for this purpose he kidnaps Santa Claus. This incredibly dark and disturbing stop-motion story is the responsibility of none other than Tim Burton – the filmmaker created the basics of the story and characters, while Henry Selick took up the direction.

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