North Korea has launched two missiles

This was the first time a cruise missile has been launched through North Korea since January. The attempt came the day after the US and South Korean troops had started preliminary maneuvers ahead of the annual Ulchi Freedom Shield (UFS) joint exercise, Yonhap underlines.

The South Korean agency points out that UN Security Council resolutions prohibit North Korea from firing ballistic missiles, but cruise missile testing does not violate these laws.

At a press conference celebrating the 100 days of his presidency in South Korea, Jun Suk Jeol said Wednesday that he had no hostile intentions against North Korea, but made the provision of humanitarian aid to this impoverished communist country conditional on the Pyongyang authorities’ willingness to denuclearize.

The president also rejected calls for South Korea to develop its own nuclear arsenal. He also assessed that the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons is an important and key condition for achieving lasting peace in the world.

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