North Korea fired 10 missiles. It was the first time they fell so close to South Korea

North Korea fired 10 missiles. It was the first time they fell so close to South Korea

Three missiles fell into the sea off the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula, without reaching Japan’s special economic zone, the Kyodo news agency reported. However, they flew near the South Korean island of Ulleung-do, where the authorities in Seoul issued an evacuation alert.

The missile test took place right after the Pyongyang has demanded a halt to the joint US and South Korean air force maneuvers, codenamed Vigilant Storm, which have been ongoing since Monday. This is the first such large exercise in five years in both countries, with 240 combat aircraft carrying out simulated attacks 24 hours a day.

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According to Seoul, one of the missiles fell 26 kilometers south of the northern border line with North Korea, just 57 kilometers from the South Korean city of Sokcho on the east coast and 167 kilometers from Ulleung-do Island, where many residents took refuge in cellars and shelters following the alert .

The South Korean military said this is the first time that North Korean missiles have fallen so close to South Korean territorial waters. According to the Japanese government, the missiles could travel on an irregular trajectory.

In response, South Korea launched an air-to-ground missile that fell into the sea near its northern sea border.

North Korea conducted its previous missile test on October 28, testing two short-range ballistic missiles that also flew towards the Sea of ​​Japan.

Pyongyang is carrying out an unprecedented number of mainly short-range missile tests this year, but has also tested an ICBM. This raises concerns that the North Korean regime is gearing up for a seventh nuclear weapons test.

North Korea recently amended its nuclear doctrine, allowing it to be the first to use nuclear weapons.

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